Supplementary education

Extra options for your child

At Wolsey Hall, our flexible learning is ideal for those children who wish to supplement their studies while attending a traditional school. Your child may require additional support in a particular subject, they may be advanced in their academic abilities and wish to learn in greater depth, or they may simply want to study a subject not offered at their school.

Our state-of-the-art online learning platform means you can access flexible, high quality education wherever you are, and learn at a time to suit you.

homeschooling supplementary education with IGCSE Latin

Eighteen-year-old Ariana chose to study IGCSE Latin as a homeschooling supplementary subject to widen her choice of university options.

supplementary education for learning support

Additional support required

Your child may need additional support in a particular subject such as Maths, English or Science. Taking one of these subjects with Wolsey Hall enables your child to have more time to study each module, ensuring that they have fully grasped the concepts before moving on.

Our Tutors are always available via email to answer questions, and they provide thorough feedback on assignments so students can see their strengths and weaknesses.

Learning in greater depth

If your child is gifted or wishes to study certain subjects in greater depth, then taking courses with Wolsey Hall can complement traditional schooling. Your child will be able to explore topics more deeply, research all those burning questions that teachers don’t always have time to answer, and complete extra exercises to stretch them academically.

Your child will not be forced to study courses aimed at their age group if they have the background knowledge to progress to a more advanced course. We assess each student when they join us to ensure they are studying at a level suitable for them. This can mean there is the option to take some IGCSEs at an earlier age.

supplementary education for gifted students

Why Wolsey Hall students supplement their education

Gabrielle is homeschooling in South Africa

Gabrielle in South Africa

Home education in New Zealand Student Jack

Jack in New Zealand

Poppy in Lebanon

Supplementary education for additional subjects

Subjects not offered at school

Many traditional schools offer a core curriculum of subjects.

Your child may wish to study a subject that is not provided by their school such as Latin, Psychology, Computer Science or Spanish.

Taking additional subjects can widen your child’s options for future university or career decisions.

Managing your studies

We do not require students to take a minimum number of subjects but it is important to ensure that your child has enough time to complete their additional studies alongside attending school. We provide a guide of study hours required for each subject and level on our course pages.