Learning Support programmes

What does Learning Support look like at Wolsey Hall Oxford?

Every student is an individual and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to Learning Support. There may be times when there are challenges or barriers to learning encountered by a student. We are happy to use our experience to help you manage the learning at home. 

For an additional fee, short or long-term programmes of support can be put in place for our students. We have a range of interventions at Wolsey Hall Oxford that can help students reach their full potential and overcome any barriers to learning.


Joah is homeschooling with dyslexia

Joah is an IGCSE student with dyslexia and ADHD. Homeschooling has allowed him to study at his own pace without fear of falling behind his peers. 

IGCSE Student with special educatinoal needs

Learning Support programmes

Interventions at Wolsey Hall Oxford aim to create strong, independent learners who feel ready to tackle their studies with confidence. The team is experienced in leading interventions with students on our courses. Sessions are held online via Microsoft Teams and can include support in one-to-one student meetings or in joint sessions with the caregiver. Enrolled families will find a pathway to Learning Support via their Student Progress Manager.

Learning Support Services

Support for learning services

Learning Support Consultation

Homeschooling can be a learning experience, not just for the students but for the families and other professionals that support students. Learning Support Consultations give space to ask questions about ways to support homeschooling, to review handy resources and new technologies and to think about challenges with an expert ear. There are many times that families have reached out for additional support, and this has resulted in more confidence in adapting resources, where needed, using proven techniques of instruction and helping everyone feel happier about the home learning experience.

Exam access arrangements

Access Arrangements for Exams

If a student may be eligible for access arrangements during their exams and there are questions or queries, Learning Support provides an access arrangements service. We offer an initial consultation in which we give advice about what is available, and how to work with your exam centre to apply to the exam board. We also offer a specialist service to help you complete the paperwork required to apply for arrangements. Please note, access arrangement applications are approved at the discretion of the relevant exam board. We would advise, in the first instance, that you contact your exam centre to discuss the application, and the evidence that is required to support the application. Please note the latest date to take-up services for a supporting letter is 31 January for the Summer (May/June) Exam Series, 30 August for the Winter (January/February) Exam Series and 30 June for the Autumn (Oct/Nov) Exam Series.

Learning Support frequently asked questions

If you still have questions about Learning Support at Wolsey Hall Oxford, please take a look at our FAQs.

If you are interested in any of these services or just want to know more, please email learningsupport@wolseyhalloxford.org.uk

I must say enrolling Nicole at Wolsey Hall has been one of the best decisions we ever made. At school, Nicole’s progress remained extremely limited due to lack of support with her learning difficulties. Since being at Wolsey, Nicole’s English has come on leaps and bounds, from her spelling, to grammar, to organisation and formats of essays. The amount of time and support Nicole’s tutors, Pat and Michelle have invested in Nicole has been fantastic. Nicole’s academic knowledge and confidence has soared since being at Wolsey and I am extremely grateful to you all. (Nicole has segmatic pragmatic disorder high functioning autism, as well as suspected dyslexia).
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Michelle Rudge – IGCSE Parent