A level exam information

Information about Cambridge & Edexcel A levels

Exam boards and format:

At Wolsey Hall, our A Level courses lead to CAIE (Cambridge) qualifications, except for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History of Art and Politics which lead to Pearson Edexcel qualifications. See A level Exam Information.

Cambridge A levels may be taken over one or two sittings (AS and AL) both in the UK and internationally. Edexcel International A level exams may also be taken over two sittings (known as AS and A2). Edexcel UK A level exams must be taken at one sitting which is available only in the summer.

For Edexcel, AS level exams in the UK are standalone. They do not lead on to A level.

Applying to an exam centre:

You will need to apply to an exam centre to take A level exams. We will provide you with the information you’ll need, and we can support you in your search for an exam centre. However, it is your responsibility to apply to an exam centre. We cannot do this for you.

We strongly advise you to contact a centre to be sure you can make the necessary arrangements before enrolling with Wolsey Hall.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online Cambridge International School

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a Pearson Edexcel approved centre

Finding an exam centre

When you enrol with Wolsey Hall Oxford, you will have access to the Wolsey Hall Exam Advice course which contains a live list of exam centres with full details of contacts which have been verified by our Exams Officers. You may also find a local exam centre at the Cambridge Exam board. In countries where there is a British Council exam centre, this will usually be a good choice. 

We strongly advise you to contact a centre to be sure you can make the necessary arrangements before enrolling with Wolsey Hall. 

Booking your exam entry

Before you register for your/your child’s exams, you will be sent the exam timetable with exam codes and a subject timetable. 

There is a deadline for booking exam entry. Some exam centres will accept late entries, but the fees will be higher. Exam centres will advise you of their exam fees, as these can vary between centres. 

For more information, see Exam Guidelines for Private Candidates. 

A level exam student

Examination entry deadlines

The deadline for entry for the May/June sitting – 31st January.  

The deadline for entry for the October/November sitting – 1st August.  

The deadline for entry for the March sitting (India only) – 1st November. 

We strongly advise you to make contact with a centre as soon as possible, as centres often have limited spaces for private candidates. Do contact exam centres prior to standard school holidays to ensure that the relevant person is available. (E.g before the end of June as school centres close for the summer holidays.) For October/November sittings, you may need to travel further, to a Tutorial College (in the UK) or to an International School outside the UK. Exam fees may also be higher. 

Access arrangements

If you or your child have a special need of some kind and require access arrangements, you should contact your chosen exam centre at the earliest opportunity.

Not all exam centres can accept candidates requiring access arrangements and those that do charge additional fees for doing so.

Access arrangements that may be available include: extra time in the exam room; a separate room; a scribe; the use of a laptop; modified papers (coloured/enlarged paper); arrangements for candidates with other disabilities.

Centres can also advise you on what evidence may be required to support an application for access arrangements.

Edexcel Science practicals in the UK

The UK Biology, Chemistry and Physics A levels  contain a separate Practical Endorsement. A minimum of 12 practical activities need to be carried out by each student to show competence in the 12 practical techniques listed in the syllabus. 

The result of the Practical Endorsement (either ‘pass’ or ‘fail’) is reported separately on the A level certificate, in addition to the overall grade for theory. 

You will find a list here of the UK exam centres offering the Practical Endorsement. You may take the written exam at the centre where you take your practical endorsement, but you don’t have to do so.   

Which exam sitting to choose

The May/June sitting is the most popular and therefore you may find more centres are available to private candidates. Our Admissions Team will be happy to advise you further.