Concerns and complaints

Who to contact

Wolsey Hall is dedicated to providing the best possible education and support for all its students. This means having a clear, fair, and efficient procedure for dealing with any concerns from parents, so that any issues that arise can be dealt with as swiftly and effectively as possible. 

This policy only fully applies to parents of registered students of Wolsey Hall.   

This document explains the procedure which should be referred to and followed by all students and their parents whenever an issue arises that causes them concern. If it becomes necessary to alter the time limits and deadlines set out within this procedure, you will be advised accordingly, given an explanation and provided with revised timescales. 


Our SPMs will help resolve your complaint

When an issue or concern first arises: 

If you have a concern that you would like to take up with the school you should initially inform your SPM, via email. This is because your SPM will be best placed to help you either directly or by recommending which other member of staff you should be speaking to.  

The SPM will handle the concern, and investigate further as necessary, and provide feedback to the family. Where a concern cannot be resolved by the SPM, the concern will be escalated to the Manager of Student Support for further consideration. Many concerns can be resolved by simple clarification, or the provision of information and it is anticipated that most concerns will be resolved by this informal stage. We encourage parents to approach SPMs with any concerns they may have and aim to resolve all issues with open dialogue and mutual understanding. 

If your concern relates to your SPM, then we ask parents to contact the Managers of Student Support using the email address below: 

Formal Stage: 

If the concern is not resolved at the informal stage the family must put the concern in writing and email the relevant Head of School, who will be responsible for its investigation. The family should include details which might assist the investigation, such as names of people involved, dates and times of events, and copies of relevant documents. In addition, the Head of School may meet with the family to clarify the concern. The Head of School will collect such other evidence as he/she deems necessary. Following investigation, the Head of School will feedback the outcome to involved parties. 

Christine Armstrong– Head of Primary

Ruth Young – Head of Secondary