Homeschooling in Namibia

Homeschooling in Namibia is growing in popularity and Wolsey Hall Oxford is welcoming an increasing number of Namibian families on our home education courses.

Children taking Wolsey Hall courses receive all the materials required to complete their course. These include the core text books together with a wide range of resources on our online learning platform. Children work from home. They are not required to attend a homeschool centre.

Our Tutors provide positive feedback at the end of each assignment. Your child’s understanding grows as they work through their courses. Tutors are always here to help your child if they have any questions. Your child will have a Student Progress Manager who monitors their progress through the course and helps them stay on track.

Our courses aim to help children become independent learners responsible for their own learning.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online Cambridge International School.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a Pearson Edexcel approved centre

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Equivalent qualifications

Wolsey Hall equivalent course
Junior Secondary Certificate
Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (Ordinary Level)
Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (Advanced Level)
AS level

Meet Nina, D’Laine and Mum Sonja homeschooling in Namibia

Qualifications accepted by top universities worldwide

The Wolsey Hall Primary and Lower Secondary courses follow the UK National Curriculum.

For families looking for Cambridge homeschooling in Namibia, Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online school of Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) at all levels from Primary through to A level. Our IGCSE and A level courses are accepted by the majority of top Universities around the world.

We offer a university advice service to all our A level students.

Meet Alex

Nineteen-year-old Alex is an elite cyclist homeschooling in Namibia. As a cyclist regularly competing overseas, he needed a flexible education. Alex is now studying for his A levels.

“I find the ability to structure learning around training, racing, and travelling while still studying is very fortunate.”

Alex is a homeschooling cyclist

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