Homeschooling performing artists

Combining education and rehearsals

Homeschooling performing artists with Wolsey Hall Oxford means these children are able to attend rehearsals, and public events and perform at a high level without falling behind in their studies. We believe in nurturing the entire student, their passions and their learning.

If you are homeschooling a talented musician, song-writer, theatre actor, dancer or other special performer, you will understand both the joys and challenges they face on their educational journey. A number of performing artists homeschool with Wolsey Hall including musicians, actors and actresses, dancers, and musical actresses sometimes combining all three. We understand the challenges and we can help your child excel in both their performing passion and their studies.

homeschooling in the Philippines

Meet Jaydyn who plays Young Simba in the Lion King International tour.

Musican Cedar is homeschooling with Wolsey Hall

Cedar Newman – musician

Fifteen-year-old musician Cedar Newman turned to homeschooling when her musical career really took off.

Cedar wanted to stay on track with her education whilst still being able to travel the world to perform. Homeschooling has given her this much-needed flexibility.

Flexibility is key

With auditions, rehearsal commitments and performances, often travelling to various locations, it can leave little time for studies. At Wolsey Hall Oxford our young performers appreciate our structured, flexible curriculum and ongoing support from our Student Progress Managers (SPM) and Tutors.

Students set their own pace for learning and their SPM creates a bespoke timetable, which is especially useful for planning around upcoming performances. We understand the balance that your child must achieve and help you to reach this so they fulfil their ambitions and potential.

Working as a team

We understand that homeschooling performing artists is a delicate balancing act. Our Student Progress Managers will advise and counsel each student when they join us to ensure they will be able to maintain their various commitments. And we tailor their assignment schedule to meet their individual needs.

We always involve the parent in this process and – just like in the world on stage – we work as a team to make sure your child can realise their full potential both educationally and in their performing ambitions.