Supplementary education – Gabrielle’s story

Gabrielle’s story

South African student Gabrielle chose supplementary education for her A levels at mainstream school by taking an additional subject with Wolsey Hall.

“I did extensive research about the online options available and felt that Wolsey Hall would be a good fit for me. I liked the fact that I could teach all the material to myself and study the way I chose to, while still being able to receive valuable feedback from graded assessment at appropriate intervals. I enjoyed the freedom of that system as opposed to being taught in the more traditional sense.”

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Many students chose to homeschool some supplemetary subjects alongside their regular schoolwork.

AS to A level

“During my AS year, I did three subjects at a traditional school and one subject with Wolsey Hall. I found the balance entirely manageable. I worked on the Wolsey Hall course during most of my free periods at school, as well as after school at home.”

“During my A2 year, I actually dropped out of traditional school to self-study all of my subjects given that it worked well with one of my subjects the previous year. I continued with Wolsey Hall, but did my other two A level subjects on my own. The workload and time management this year suited me much more, which was reflected in my results.”

Major award winner

“My Tutor answered all of my questions promptly and thoroughly, and also gave incredibly valuable feedback after each assignment. This, in addition to me working harder, led to better exam results the second year, helping me achieve an A*. I also received a High Achievement Award from Cambridge (CIE) both for AS and A level.”

“At the moment, I am at home but I start my first year of studying Law in September at the University of Bristol.”

Inspires independent learning

“Supplementary education is not for everyone, but that being said, it worked wonderfully for me. I definitely think that more people should give it adequate consideration when starting Secondary school.”

“It allows a higher degree of freedom and challenges you to lead your own learning, which I believe is incredibly valuable. Additionally, it might allow you to take a subject that your school does not offer.”

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