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A recent freedom of information request to local councils showed there were over 59,000 children homeschooling in the UK including in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh. This figure is likely to be lower than the actual number, as current laws state that if a child has never been to school then families have no requirement to notify the education authority.

It is expected that legislation will change in the future and all children that are home educating in the UK will be required to be listed on a register.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is proud to support a large number of families homeschooling in the UK across all levels of study from Primary, through Secondary and into IGCSE and A level.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online Cambridge International School.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a Pearson Edexcel approved centre

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Key components of our courses

  • All textbooks required are included in the fees and sent to your home For students homeschooling in the UK book delivery is free.
  • Online platform with easy to follow course modules that allow students to study at their own pace
  • Fun and engaging quizzes throughout the modules to test for understanding
  • Assignments at the end of each module which are marked, with detailed comments, by our qualified Tutors
  • Parental access to online platform to allow progress to be monitored
  • Dedicated Student Progress Manager who ensures students stay on track
  • Email support from Tutors if students need help
I must say enrolling Nicole at Wolsey Hall has been one of the best decisions we ever made. At school, Nicole’s progress remained extremely limited due to lack of support with her learning difficulties. Since being at Wolsey, Nicole’s English has come on leaps and bounds, from her spelling, to grammar, to organisation and formats of essays. The amount of time and support Nicole’s tutors, Pat and Michelle have invested in Nicole has been fantastic. Nicole’s academic knowledge and confidence has soared since being at Wolsey and I am extremely grateful to you all. (Nicole has segmatic pragmatic disorder high functioning autism, as well as suspected dyslexia).
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Michelle Rudge – IGCSE Parent


Lucy is really enjoying the Year 9 courses, they really suit her and she’s learning how to use the material and tutor feedback to best advantage. It’s great timing that she’s having this year to get used to this new way of working before starting the IGCSE courses (never mind the fortuitous timing regarding the global pandemic!). So much better than “ordinary school“, much bigger focus on learning and less on testing. I hated all the testing to give the school data for Ofsted and league tables, not in the children’s best interests at all! All she ever got was a score, no chance to learn from her mistakes which is all part of the assignment process at Wolsey Hall. We’ll definitely be signing up for IGCSE’s with Wolsey Hall.
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Catherine Merryweather -Secondary Homeschooling Parent


Wolsey Hall provided me exactly with what I needed at the time – a flexible, accessible way to study for my IGCSEs. Their Tutors are excellent and were quick to provide thorough and constructive feedback on my assignments, as well as supplying me with important advice and resources on exam technique, ensuring that I was as prepared as possible. I am very pleased with my IGCSE grades – four of which are A*s, then an A and a B. They allowed me to go on to study A Levels, which I would not be doing right now had I not found Wolsey Hall. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a flexible way to study and is perhaps unable to attend a public or private school, or simply wants to ensure a quality learning experience, and is capable of mostly self-motivated learning with the aid of Tutor feedback and online resources.
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David Fomin, IGCSE Student


We joined Wolsey Hall Oxford in Years 3 and 4 and our childrens’ quality of education has improved dramatically. We are deeply impressed with the curriculum, the superb Tutors, the Director of Studies and our constantly available Student Progress Manager. We simply could have not taken a better decision for our childrens’ education; their knowledge and confidence have been transformed in the space of a few months. We live in London and are the first ones in our group of friends, neighbours and professional network to take the decision of homeschooling. What at the time felt like a very brave move socially, it is now totally normal to us and those around us. We have made a very successful transition with the old classmates into solid friends, they often drop in by our house after school, and have created many more new friendships through other activities. Our children are now more social than ever! We keep normal school hours in the morning and early afternoon, and fill-in the later afternoon with playdates and group activities, like art, guitar, dance and drama lessons, choir rehearsals and sports. My husband and I are also enjoying how much more compatible a flexible schooling schedule is with our professional lives, particularly around travelling. We still have to pinch ourselves that such flexibility is possible while our children get the very best education we could dream of.
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Dr Ana Douglas – Primary Homeschooling Parent


I’m so chuffed that my daughter Jessie has done so well in her IGCSE German exam, especially as the other people taking the exam and the exam centre were native German speakers! She also did very well in her Maths IGCSE. It has been amazing to be able to study for exams out of school…very liberating. The Tutors and the admin team are all wonderful. Big thankyou to Wolsey Hall Oxford for all your help!
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Cathy Hattam, Homeschooling Parent


I’ve done it, I’ve gotten in to university, and Edinburgh University, no less! Thank you so very much for your help in preparing my application. I really and truly could not have done this without you, and I wanted to let you know that all your work to help me has borne university-shaped fruit. I am extremely excited, and VERY busy getting ready as I move very soon. Thank you! Joel Roderick helped Annelise with her application to Edinburgh University.
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Annelise O’Connell, Homeschooling Student


Just to let you know, the exam centre was excellent. The team were professional and organised but also created a very friendly and supportive environment. I just remember that this time last year we were anxious about finding a good exam centre! Many thanks once again to the Wolsey Hall Team!
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D. Taylor, Homeschooling Parent


I have nothing but praise for Wolsey Hall, such a great organisation, very professional but at the same time supportive and friendly. The Student Progress Manager was not only a great support for my son but was always there for me too when I needed advice. Deniz has been studying IGCSE Biology, English Lang, History & Maths.
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Jane, IGCSE Parent


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