What is flexi-schooling?

‘Flexi-schooling’ is a term used to describe a flexible learning model in which students are educated partly at school and partly at home.

An increasing number of parents are choosing this model for their children as it combines the focus and flexibility of homeschooling with the social benefits of attending a traditional school.

Flexi-schooling can also complement traditional schooling as it also allows students a greater choice of potential subjects: students often find they are able to study subjects via homeschooling which are not available in their current school such as LatinComputer Science or Modern Foreign Languages such as FrenchGerman or Spanish.

homeschooling in Spain

Flexi-schooling is different to homeschooling supplementary subjects where students attend school for the entire timetable and study additional subjects outside of school hours.

Home education in New Zealand Student Jack

Combining homeschooling with traditional school

Jack, a Wolsey Hall student living in New Zealand, combines studying IGCSE Maths and IGCSE English Literature via homeschooling whilst also attending mainstream school for his other subjects.

The Cambridge IGCSE English Literature course in particular is invaluable to Jack as it allows him to study the subject in much greater depth than the combined English/ English Literature course offered by his school.