Learning Support FAQs

Q. How do I make a referral to Learning Support?

Let's tlak learning support

Step 1

Speak with a member of staff about your concerns

complete a referral form

Step 2

Complete a referral form

consent to share information

Step 3

Give consent to share information

Learning support consultation

Step 4

Arrange your initial Consultation

  • Q. Who is Learning Support for?

    A. Learning Support is available for all students at Wolsey Hall.
  • Q. Do you have experience of supporting students with additional needs at Wolsey Hall?

    A. Our learning support team has a wealth of knowledge and experience and many students at Wolsey Hall with additional needs have accessed the service for long and short-term interventions. We have experience with a range of needs and understand how those needs impact students’ learning experiences.
  • Q. What kind of learning support does Wolsey Hall Oxford provide?

    A. Wolsey Hall Oxford supports families through a range of services. Learning Support Consultations are available for general questions and guidance. Access Arrangements services can be used to support the application of concessions during exams.
  • Q. I want tutors to be made aware of my/my child’s needs. How can this be done?

    A. We believe information should be shared as appropriate within our trusted team at Wolsey Hall, with a mind to protecting the dignity of the student. In order for us to be able to support our students as an education provider, we sometimes need to be able to share information internally. Information that you supply can form an individual learning plan (ILP) which can then be shared with tutors. We would never share information beyond the trusted Wolsey Hall Team without your consent.
  • Q. I/My child may need access arrangements for their exam. Can you help?

    A. Access arrangements are organised between you and the exam centre. The advice is always to speak to them early to explore what evidence you will need to provide. We can provide guidance around this as part of our access arrangements service.
  • Q. I have sensitive information about a learning need, and I am not sure who to share it with. Who do I pass this to?

    A. To access learning support, you do not need to provide any written reports or diagnosis letters. It may not be necessary to pass anything in writing to a member of staff so a verbal exchange could be all that is necessary. You have the right to share as much or as little as you’d like but it can be helpful to pass on key information to best help us support your studies. In the first instance, speak to your SPM and they can advise you on what to do next.
  • Q. I think I/my child needs a specialist private tutor or extensive support. Can you help?

    A. Support sessions are available through Wolsey Hall. Speak to your SPM or Admissions Officer for further information.
  • Q. How much does Learning Support cost?

    A. Learning support fees vary by service and more information about the individual fees can be found on our website. Sessions can be bought in individual or block bookings through a dedicated booking link.
  • Q. I/my child has an EHCP. What kind of support does Wolsey Hall offer for these students?

    A. All students have access to the Learning Support department through our paid programmes, including those with EHCPs. The Local Authority will give guidance on whether funding is available, so we advise that you speak to one of their representatives. We have lots of experience supporting students with EHCPs at Wolsey Hall but do this in a supportive role as we cannot be named as the school setting as we are a homeschooling provider.
  • Q. What if some of the materials in the course don’t work for me/my child? Will you change them?

    A. Course materials are the same for all students and we include a multi-sensory diet of information to support many different learning styles. These can be adapted at home to meet the needs of the students. We can assist in this process through the Learning Support Consultation service, and we welcome conversations about this.
  • Q. I want to work at my own pace because of my additional needs. Can I take longer than the stated course length?

    A. Courses have fixed end dates, and we find that these boundaries are largely helpful for our students. Courses are available for 12 months or 24 months (for I/GCSEs and A-levels), which factors in the opportunity to work at a slower pace when needed and take breaks from learning. Ultimately, students will be expected to finish their courses by the date specified, although there is an option to pay to extend a course by 3 months if needed.
  • Q. We want to just have access to the course because we find the pressure of submitting assignments and deadlines too much. Is this possible?

    A. For our Primary phase students, there is an option to choose a route that provides access to course content only. However, this option includes minimal tutor feedback, which many of our families find valuable. We recommend discussing this choice with Admissions pre-enrolment or your SPM to ensure it meets your needs. Our secondary phase students are expected to submit assignments regularly and if this is not done, students may be subject to our dormancy policy. We understand that a range of learning support needs may make this more difficult, and we welcome conversations about this with individuals to find a solution so that the student can demonstrate progress. Ultimately, we expect students to make reasonable progress through their courses. Your SPM can provide further details regarding the Wolsey Hall dormancy policy on request.
  • Q. How can I contact Learning Support?

    A. If you are looking to enrol with Wolsey Hall Oxford, then please discuss Learning Support with the Admissions team. If you are an existing family with a student already enrolled at Wolsey Hall Oxford, then please contact your SPM for further information about Learning Support.