Learning Support FAQs

  • Q. Who is the Learning Support service for?

    A. Students may experience barriers to learning because of a learning or well-being need. Students may access learning support if additional help is needed to improve achievement, organisation, or meet attainment goals. We have a tailored approach which we use to support students referred to the service but certain criteria will need to be met to access some of the services.
  • Q. Can you provide support for specific learning needs at Wolsey Hall Oxford?

    A. Our learning support team members have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are qualified to support a range of specific learning needs. Targeted support for a specific learning need will incur an additional fee.
  • Q. What kind of learning support does Wolsey Hall Oxford provide?

    A. Support will always start with a meeting with the parent or mature student to give strategies that can be implemented in the home. If difficulties persist, parents/students can access a 1 to 1 session or group interventions. We help students with study skills and personal organisation.
  • Q. I want Tutors to be made aware of my/my child’s needs. How can this be done?

    A. At Wolsey Hall Oxford we believe that only a limited amount of sensitive information should be shared to protect the privacy of the student. Information that you supply can form an individual learning plan which is then shared with tutors and with your permission, we will keep this information on file. We would never share information without your permission and you can withdraw consent at any time.
  • Q. I have sensitive information about a learning need and I am not sure who to share this with. Who do I pass this to?

    A. To access learning support you do not need to provide any written reports or diagnosis letters. It may not be necessary to present documents to a member of staff; a discussion may be all that is necessary. Contact a member of Learning Support should you want more information about this.
  • Q. I think I/my child needs a specialist private tutor or extensive support. Can you help?

    A. We may be able to offer long-term support to families for a specific need on a case-by-case basis. We provide free consultations to talk things through and we recommend booking a time with a member of our team in cases such as these.
  • Q. Does Support for Learning provide a counselling service?

    A. We promote positive well-being for all students at Wolsey Hall Oxford. If a student has a well-being need, we provide group interventions and 1 to 1 support to help students get back on track with their studies. We do not have dedicated counselors or therapists, but we are sensitive to the needs of students who study with us. Serious mental health concerns should be supported by the appropriate professional and we can provide advice and guidance about next steps, if required.
  • Q. I/My child may need access arrangements for their exam. Can you help?

    A. Access arrangements are organised between yourself and the exam centre, but we provide a service that helps guide you through the process. This service will incur a fee.
  • Q. Do I have to pay for Support for Learning?

    A. Some sessions, interventions and programmes of support will incur a fee. Speak to a member of the Learning Support Team for more information.

Q. How can I do I make a referral to Learning Support?

Let's tlak learning support

Step 1

Speak with a member of staff about your concerns

complete a referral form

Step 2

Complete a referral form

consent to share information

Step 3

Give consent to share information

Learning support consultation

Step 4

Arrange your initial Consultation