Terms & conditions

Our terms & conditions of enrolment – updated 11 March 2024

Please note that these Terms and Conditions also apply to adult learners studying Wolsey Hall courses where appropriate.

1.1 We agree to sell, and you agree to buy the Course on the terms and conditions set out below.

The agreement is made with the named contact person(s) on the application form, and information pertaining to the agreement, including ongoing academic information will only be shared with such person(s) unless explicit permission is given by the named contact person(s)

1.2 “Course” means the course for which your child is enrolled including all related learning materials, support and tuition.

1.3 The “Period” of the Course is the time over which the course is provided. The start of the course term is the nominated Access Date. The maximum Period possible for Primary, Lower Secondary or AS courses is one year from the Access Date, and for IGCSE or full A level courses (AS and AL) it is two years from the Access Date, until your chosen examination date, subject to clause 7 below. The Access Date is shown on your Statement of Enrolment and may not be modified once the Access Date has passed. Please note that, for IGCSE, AS and A Level courses, the “Period” of the course starts on the Access Date and finishes on the agreed exam date.

1.4 When a course term ends, your Course is concluded. You will have access to course materials for a period of one month, during which you can save your assignments and Tutor feedback. After this time, you will no longer be able to access the Course.

2. Fees and payment

2.1 The fees shown include the cost of postage for any necessary physical textbooks within, but not outside, the UK. Postal charges, which differ from country to country, will be quoted at the time of enrolment.

2.2 There is a non-refundable Registration fee of £95 per student. This is a one-time fee only and will not apply to current or previously enrolled students enrolling for further courses. It is payable at the time of application.

2.3 The fees shown do not include the cost of examinations. Examination fees are payable to your chosen exam centre.

2.4 The fees shown do not include additional services such as Learning Support or the Careers and University Advice Service. Details of these additional services and associated fees can be found on our website.

2.4 Course fees only are refundable (less an administration and processing fee: £50 per Course for Pre-Examination level students and £75 per Course for Examination level students) if you email us within 45 calendar days of the course Access Date as shown on your Statement of Enrolment, stating that you wish the Course(s) to be cancelled. Please note that Wolsey Hall reserves the right to refuse a refund if significant course content has been downloaded during the 45-day period. For Primary Speaking & Listening in the English Language course, if more than one face-to-face lesson has taken place, the cost of any additional lessons taken will be non-refundable, so an appropriate deduction will be made from any refund.

2.5(a) If paying by instalments, you agree (and are legally liable) to pay all instalments, unless you cancel the Course within 45 days of the Access Date.

2.5(b) Instalment payments must be completed by two months before the relevant examination or course completion date.

2.6 Fee quotes provided by Wolsey Hall are valid for 30 days, unless otherwise stated on the quote.

2.7 Course fees are reviewed on an annual basis in the first quarter of the calendar year. Any fee changes will be applicable for new courses for which payment is received after 31 March of the same calendar year.

2.8 We cannot accept payment for a course more than three months before the Access Date.

2.9 Course fees are shown in bundles, which apply only to courses purchased all at the same time.
You benefit from a lower price if you purchase more than one course, with prices reducing further for bundles of courses, up to 5+ courses. If you wish to add courses after your Access Date, you have 45 days to request and receive a quote from Wolsey Hall to benefit from the additional course being added to your current bundle of courses. Please note that the Access Date for an additional course can be no more than three months and 45 days from the Access Date of the first course(s) in your bundle. Other than as described in this paragraph, it is not possible to add courses to your existing bundle of courses and benefit from the associated pricing reduction. Courses added beyond the period specified in this paragraph will create a new bundle, with the pricing calculated accordingly.

3. Services provided

3.1 During the period of your Course, we will provide your child with support and tuition as described here. Course assignments are designed for submission once only, and Tutors will not assess re-submitted assignments unless arrangements to do so have been agreed beforehand. The Course is primarily independent study; assignment marking, and feedback forms the majority of support provided by the Tutors. If a Tutor is no longer available to tutor on a Course, we reserve the right to transfer your child to an alternative Tutor to enable him/her to continue with their Course; you will be advised if this becomes necessary.

3.2 We provide the following reports to parents as part of the course fees:

Lower and Upper Primary: Progress Reports at the end of each part of the course and an End of Course(s) Overview Report;

Lower Secondary: Core Subject Report in Years 7, 8 and 9, an End of Course(s) Overview Report in Years 7 and 8, and an End of Year 9 Written Report;

IGCSE: an End of Course(s) Overview Report;

AS/AL: an End of Course(s) Overview Report

4 . Parents’ Agreement
Parents agree to support their children taking a course with Wolsey Hall including:

  • Ensuring that you have received sufficient information about the Course and that the Course you have selected is suitable for your child’s needs, language level, abilities and circumstances.
  • Talking through, with your child, the information emailed by their Student Progress Manager.
  • Taking full responsibility for the student’s access and use of the learning platform, Canvas, if your child is enrolled on a Primary course.
  • Adding yourself as an Observer to the learning platform, Canvas, to observe the student’s progress through the course(s) if your child is on a Secondary course. (Parents of children on Secondary courses under the age of 18 will be copied into all information sent to the student from Wolsey Hall.)
  • Arranging the initial video calls with the Student Progress Manager and Tutors and ensuring that an English-speaking adult is available for these calls and subsequent calls during the course term as required. Any child 14 years and younger must have a responsible adult present throughout the call.
  • Looking at each Course to ensure that you are familiar with the Course’s content and structure. In Secondary this would be the introductory modules, and in Primary this would be the introduction page, the first few weeks of lessons in part 1, and the General Resources section in part 1 of the courses.
  • Agreeing a daily timetable to which your child can work, and which will enable him/her to meet assignment submission dates.
  • Ensuring that your child submits their assignments in a timely manner to allow feedback to be given so that your child can use this feedback to help improve their work. Children should not submit an assignment in a subject before they have received back and reviewed their Tutor’s comments on the previous assignment.
  • Agreeing that assignments requiring hand-written work from the student will be adhered to. Many assignments require hand-written work to develop handwriting skills and reflect that examinations in later years will need to be handwritten,
  • Facilitating the learning of your child at home. Facilitation requirements will vary depending on the phase of school and age of child. Primary students will need full-time support from a responsible adult during their Primary courses. Lower Secondary students will also require support from an adult during their courses.
  • Spending an appropriate amount of time discussing progress with your child. “Appropriate” will naturally vary depending on the child’s independence, phase of school and learning ability.
  • Seeking help from your child’s Tutors or Student Progress Manager when needed.
  • Signing a Working Together Agreement with Wolsey Hall. Adult learners are asked to sign a Student Working Together Agreement.
  • Advising us immediately if your contact details change or if there is a change in your child’s circumstances which might affect their ability to study.

5. Examinations and Results

5.1 If your child is sitting an external examination at the end of their Course, you will be responsible for making timely arrangements with a convenient examination centre to sit for the examination, and for payment of the examination fees. Please be guided by your local Exam Centre’s deadlines for sitting the examinations.

5.2 We strongly advise you to make sure your child will have access to an examination centre BEFORE enrolling on a course. We cannot make examination arrangements for you, but our Admissions Officers will be pleased to advise you on how to proceed at the point of Enquiry.

5.3 Parents/adult learners are also fully responsible for ensuring they communicate directly with their chosen Exam Centre to seek approval for access arrangements. These include, for example, extra time or a reader in the exam, or special consideration where a student has a disability or cannot leave their home to take their exam. While Wolsey Hall is happy to support you with this process, our responsibility is limited to educating your child in preparation for their chosen exam.

5.4 If your child is taking an examination course, you agree to advise us of the examination result.

5.5 If your child is enrolling on A level Courses, you may wish to use our Careers and University Advice Service which is at an additional cost to course fees. If requesting predicted grades, please ensure that your child has worked through at least 50% of their A Level course and submitted at least 50% of their A Level assignments by that date; otherwise, it will not be possible for the Tutor to provide a predicted grade or reference.

5.6 We provide a Mock Exam Service for all IGCSE and A Level courses. This is available from March each year and uses the most recent exam papers available. Students must submit Mock Exam papers for marking at least 10 days before the external exam. Mock Exams are marked by tutors within five days of submission, with constructive and detailed feedback. Unused Mock Exams are non-refundable unless notice is received within 14 days of purchase.

6. Change of Course

6.1 If your child wishes to transfer to a different Course this must be done within the first three months from the Access Date for the paid-for Course. The expiry date of the new Course remains the same as the original Course.

6.2 In this event, any fees received for the portion of the Course not being taken by the student will be transferred towards the cost of the new Course, less an administration fee and cost of new books.

7a(i) Extending a non-exam Course

Should your child wish to extend the end date of their non-exam Course, you may arrange to do so by contacting your Student Progress Manager. Access to non-exam Courses is for a 12-month period from the Access Date but it is recognised there may be a need to extend access to a Course if your child has not completed the course in the time available. There will be a Course extension fee which is charged per Course, which will provide access for a further three months to a Course. Please note that a request for an extension should be made before the agreed Course end date; an extension request received more than one month after the Course end date will be declined. Please note that only one extension per Course will be possible. Please see our FAQ page for further details.

7a(ii) Deferring an exam date or extending an exam course

An exam deferral is the term used when a student is deferring the exam date of a Course by one or more exam sittings, whilst not extending the term of their Course past the duration described in point 1.3. Should your child wish to defer a Course to a later exam date than that for which they originally enrolled, you may request this by contacting your Student Progress Manager. There will be no charge for deferring the exam date within three months of the Access Date, unless your child needs to take a revised Course and/or requires different books. In this instance, any additional costs (“additional charges”) will be borne by the family.

If a deferral is requested after three months of the Access Date of the Course, there will be an administration fee based on the number of courses being deferred, plus additional charges as detailed above.

A course extension is the term used when a student is changing their exam date and extending the term of their Course past the duration described in point 1.3. Students who wish to extend their Courses in this way can do this on payment of an administration fee based on the number of courses being deferred, plus additional charges as detailed above.

Please note that only one extension of up to 12 months is possible for each course. Please see the FAQ page for further details.

7b Dormancy of course(s)

Submission of assignments during the period of a Course is an integral part of the learning process in the Wolsey Hall system and indicates progress being made by the student. Failure to submit assignments in a reasonable timeframe during the valid period of the Course may result in suspension from access to learning materials. Wolsey Hall has a duty of care to ensure that learning is taking place. Any exception to this would need to be discussed and agreed with Wolsey Hall on a case-by-case basis. We do not offer resource-only access as standard to our courses.

7c Courses on hold

Courses may be put on hold for a period of up to one month if a student is unable to continue their studies due to extenuating circumstances, such as ill health, bereavement, etc. Circumstances are considered by Wolsey Hall on a case-by-case basis. Wolsey Hall reserves the right to deny requests for a course to be put on hold. During this time, students and Observers will not have access to courses on Canvas. When studies resume, the student’s assignment schedule will be updated to reflect the changes in submission dates. There is no charge for putting a course on hold, but instalment payments will need to continue until the payments are complete.

Please note that for IGCSE, AS and A levels, if any change to exam dates are required due to the Courses going on hold, please refer to 7a.

8. Further support following exam sittings

Experience has shown that a student who completes all the set course assignments in advance of the chosen examination period with reasonable grades will almost certainly pass his/her chosen exam(s). At IGCSE level, in the unlikely event that the student does not pass their exam, Wolsey Hall offers an additional paid-for service of a Resit Package to support students retaking examinations. If there has been a syllabus change that results in new assignments needing to be completed, then additional fees in addition to the standard Resit Package will apply.

9. Local requirements

9.1 As local regulations vary from country to country, parents are responsible for ensuring that homeschooling is permitted in the student’s location.

9.2 If you wish to enrol in the equivalent year group to your local school setting, please check the international grade equivalents. If your country is not listed here, it is important that you check which year group is the England-equivalent for your child. However, if you are looking to enrol in courses based on your child’s current level of knowledge and understanding, Wolsey Hall Admissions can assist you.

10. Warranties and limitation of liability

10.1 We warrant that our learning materials will be of good quality.

10.2 We warrant that we will provide your child with all services with reasonable skill and care.

10.3 We shall not be liable for injury to anyone or for any damage caused during practical science experiments performed at home or elsewhere. No harmful or toxic substances are required for any of the practical work on our science courses and parents are responsible for ensuring the safety of the environment in which their child is working.

10.4 We shall not be liable for: (a) losses that were unforeseeable by both parties when this Agreement was made; (b) losses that were not caused by any breach on our part.

10.5 Our liability for direct losses arising out of our negligence, breach of contract or any other cause of action in connection with this Agreement shall be limited to the total amount that you have paid for the Course.

10.6 Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all downloadable files are virus free, we cannot be held liable for systems problems due to viruses. We strongly recommend that you install all necessary virus protection software before your child commences their course, and keep it regularly updated.

10.7 We cannot be held responsible for any changes made to third party website or video links which are used in some of the Course materials; such changes are the responsibility of the third party.

11. Course Suspension

Wolsey Hall reserves the right to suspend a student’s access to their Course(s) for inappropriate behaviour or where it deems that continuation would no longer be in the student’s interest.

12. IT browser requirements
Our online learning platform works best with the latest versions of Chrome. It does not support Internet Explorer.

13. Copyright
All course materials are Wolsey Hall copyright and supplied solely for the use of whoever is taking a course. By applying for a course, you agree that the course material will not be used for any other purposes.

14. Content, Logins and Subscriptions
All logins to the Wolsey Hall services, including Canvas, as well as any logins provided for external websites and subscriptions, are for the sole use of the registered Wolsey Hall student, and must not be shared with others. The sharing of Wolsey Hall logins, subscriptions and course content with others is not permitted and would be deemed to be a breach of our terms and conditions.

15. Safeguarding at Wolsey Hall
As an online provider of home education which is accessible from around the world, Wolsey Hall is committed to ensuring safeguarding and safe working practices are at the heart of what we do. Wolsey Hall aims to provide a high quality and safe learning experience. Wolsey Hall is committed to responding appropriately to any concerns of abuse or neglect. Please click here for our full Safeguarding policy.

16. Conditions of Enrolment
Please note that Wolsey Hall reserves the right to not accept an enrolment in cases where, in our professional judgement, it is not in the best interests of the student.

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