Student Progress Manager

Support for homeschoolers

When your child is enrolled on one of our courses, they will be allocated a Student Progress Manager (SPM) who will act as your family’s main point of contact at Wolsey Hall.

How SPMs monitor progress

  • Your SPM will liaise with you both as your child progresses through their courses.
  • They will monitor your child’s progress on a regular basis.
  • If they have any concerns or if you child is missing assignment deadlines, they will contact you directly.
  • Where appropriate they will encourage your child to keep on track.
Homeschooling Support team

Wolsey Hall has a large team of staff supporting students and developing courses and our online learning platform.

The Student Progress Manager’s role

How homeschooling works SPM support

Student Joy-Anna Talks To SPM Rona

Tina Nourse Student Progress Manager

Tina Nourse

Sarah Webb Student Progress Manager

Sarah Webb

Your child will receive a welcome email from their SPM when they first enrol. This is to introduce themselves and to provide you both with useful information regarding the next steps in the enrolment process.

Attached to this first email will also be your child’s assignment Schedule. This schedule will lay out the Assignment due dates for each of your child’s courses and will take into account any holidays that you have advised us of.

If your child is sitting exams at the end of their courses, the Assignment Schedule will also allow time for revision.

Getting to know your SPM

Your SPM will contact you around seven days after your child has enrolled to arrange a Skype call with you both. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your child to get to know their SPM as they will be a regular fixture throughout your child’s studies with us.

During this call your SPM will ensure that the enrolment has gone smoothly and that you and your child are finding your way around Canvas and the course material.

You and your child will also have the opportunity to ask your SPM any questions you may have and this is also an ideal time to discuss how we can support your child if they have any Learning Difficulties. If your child is under 16, a parent or guardian should be present during the Skype call.

Your Student Progress Manager will plan an assignments schedule

Staying in touch

Your SPM is your first point of contact at Wolsey Hall. You can contact them with any questions or concerns that you or your child might have throughout their studies. They will be glad to provide you and your child with ongoing support and advice, drawing on the expertise of other members of the Wolsey Hall team if needed.

Our children (almost 13 and 11) have been students of Wolsey Hall Oxford since 2017. Every year we achieve the perfect balance of flexibility and academic excellence. Our Student Progress Manager works closely with us tailoring the education of our children month by month, something that could never be achieved in any other type of schooling. The tutors for each subject are always available to answer questions and mark promptly the monthly assignments, which follow the National Curriculum to the highest possible standards. The wider support team of Wolsey Hall is also very responsive and we enjoy the option of joining other students in after-school clubs and activities that create as much of a school community life as one would like to get involved in.
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Ana Gonzalez-Pelaez – Homeschooling Parent