Distance education courses for over 18s

Benefits of becoming a student after age 18

With Wolsey Hall distance education courses you can learn wherever and whenever you want. So you can fit your studies around your other commitments.

At Wolsey Hall, all of our IGCSE and A level courses are “fast-track” as standard, as our turnaround speed for assignments and feedback is rapid and hassle free with no postal correspondence required. You can decide the timing which works for you, and we offer advice along the way. You are able to complete your course at a pace which suits you, whether that be fast or steady!

You’ll be a more effective person when you’ve completed your course. You’ll have demonstrated a commitment to improving your knowledge and skills. Both should make you more attractive to an existing or prospective employer.

We believe the structured yet flexible nature of our courses is key to our exam result success.

We understand that making the decision to study at home involves various considerations so we have created a handy brochure that explains how the Wolsey Hall system works.

Adult learning Student - Ben Dean

Adult learner Ben completed our IGCSE English and Maths courses, hoping to improve his employability and proficiency in these skills.

Distance learning for adult learners

What happens as soon as I enrol at Wolsey Hall?

  • You’ll receive profiles and contact details of your Tutor(s) and our Guide to Successful Study.
  • Your course books will be dispatched. Within the UK they’ll arrive within 3 working days. Outside the UK allow 7 – 12 days.
  • Within 24 hours you’ll have full access to our online learning environment and its wide range of resources.

Our online learning environment includes:

  • The syllabus for the subject(s) that you’re studying.
  • The Programme of Study for each subject guiding you through what to cover before each assignment.
  • The Assignments which you’ll send to your Tutor via the learning environment. You’ll receive your grade together with detailed feedback online within 3 – 5 working days.
  • A carefully selected and prepared range of online resources which will complement your course book(s).

How will you support me during my course?

You’ll have two key supports during your course:

  • Your Tutor(s), who will assess and grade your assignments during your course and arrange a Skype call before you start work on the course. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Thereafter you can contact your Tutors by email via the online environment.
  • Your Student Progress Manager (SPM) who will be your key link with the College, will help with exam centres or anything else on which you need advice or assistance.

Entering exams and course length

You’ll need to apply to an exam centre to take your exams. We can’t do this for you, but your Student Progress Manager can advise you on examination arrangements. In the UK the Cambridge and Edexcel exam boards have centres throughout the country. Outside the UK, the British Council is often the exam centre of choice. Or there may be a nearby school which will accept you as an external candidate.

How long a course will take depends on your prior knowledge of a subject, and how quickly you learn. But we suggest that you should allow up to 150 hrs of study for an IGCSE subject and 350 hours for an A level subject (175 hrs for AS and 175 hrs for AL) + the time to complete your assignments.

You may apply online and enrol at any time of the year.

Deja was very helpful. You all have been in different ways. It’s been an interesting and rewarding journey so far with WH. It has far surpassed my expectations of what a correspondence course could deliver. Thank you.
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Julian – Adult Learner