Motivating your child

How to motivate your homeschooling child

Homeschooling brings freedom and flexibility that many families love but motivating your child can be an unexpected hurdle you have to face. Some days they may try every delay tactic in the book to put off studying so what can you do to help them?

Have a look at our seven point plan for ideas on how to motivate your child.

homeschooling during lockdown

Homeschooling parent Karen Binedell explains how she keeps her children motivated while homeschooling.

Joy-Anna talks about homeschool motivation

Motivate your teenager

1. Ensure your child has a daily and weekly study schedule. Need some tips to get started? We can help with that!

2. Tap into your child’s interests and dislikes. Discover what learning techniques really engage them and focus on topics that get them excited.

3. Give encouragement and be positive when the going gets tough. No matter how able they are, there will be challenging times where they might want to give up. If they’re feeling overwhelmed, break it up into smaller steps. Perseverance and hard work are key skills to learn for later life.

4. Learning a new subject alongside your child or pursuing new hobbies sets a great example.

5. Get them outside. Burning off steam outdoors for 15 minutes or so can help increase concentration

6. Review your child’s progress with them as often as you think appropriate. Praise, and reward if you like, their progress or any great pieces of work. If there are areas of weakness, create a plan for how you can help them work on these.

7. Encourage your child to contact their Tutors and Student Progress Manager. They are only an email away and always willing to offer advice, help and support. Don’t wait until they are behind or really stressed with a particular assignment.

How to motivate your child