A level Science practicals

Practical endorsements exam centre information

For information on when the practical sessions are offered, please contact the centre directly.  

The UK Biology, Chemistry and Physics A levels  contain a separate Practical Endorsement. A minimum of 12 practical activities need to be carried out by each student to show competence in the 12 practical techniques listed in the syllabus. 

The result of the Practical Endorsement (either ‘pass’ or ‘fail’) is reported separately on the A level certificate, in addition to the overall grade for theory. 

You will find a list here of the UK exam centres offering the Practical Endorsement. You may take the written exam at the centre where you take your practical endorsement, but you don’t have to do so.   

We offer a wide range of A level subjects including Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Exam centres offering the practical endorsement

Tutors and Exams

Coventry – (discount for Wolsey Hall students). Tel: 02476 221008 enquiries@tutorsandexams.uk Tutors & Exams, Bolton Tutors & Exams, Wimbledon Tutors & Exams, Doncaster £1,260 for both written and Practicals, includes a 10% discount for WH students £925 practical only. Practicals only offered in Wimbledon and Coventry at the present time, but written papers. Can be sat at both Bolton and Doncaster centres.

London Brookes, Hendon

Tel: 020 82022007 exams@londonbrookescollege.co.uk £1600 per subject which includes 3 written papers and 12 practical endorsements. If the candidate wants to do the exam with the Practicals, please make an exam entry online via the college exam portal before November to ensure a place. Courses start in January.

Macclesfield Tutorial College

Nicholas May. Tel: 01625 501 440 office@experttutorials.co.uk £1700 advance payment for students wishing to take practicals on dates which are convenient to them. Written exams, £100 per paper. In addition, the college has introduced a group/class fee of £900, on the condition that candidates are willing to work in groups and on specific dates.

Pascals College, Beckingham, Kent

Mr Sinclair. Tel: 020 86636733 admin@pascalscollege.co.uk. 12 Practical assessment tasks cost £720.00 3 written exams, £180.00 Centre registration fee £60.00 (paid once per examination series).

Pembrokeshire College (not running 2021, using Biograd)

Matthew Norman. Tel: 01437 753191 m.norman@pembrokeshire.ac.uk. Practical plus written paper £1040 per subject. Practical Endorsement Workshops £800.

Greenes Tutorial College, Oxford

Discount for Wolsey Hall students. Tel: 01865 248308. examsofficer@greenes.org.uk. Visit the Greenes website for further information. Centre Registration Fee £75 £1400 for science Practicals, various options available. Written exams, £75 per paper, plus board fees. 10% discount for Wolsey Hall Students – vouchers available.

Academic Enrichment Centre, Birmingham

Taqeed Uddin. Tel: 0121 777 9444 info@aectuition.co.uk. £850 including written papers and practicals. Completed over 6 dates £700 practical only. Visit the Academic Enrichment Centre website for more information.

Biograd Ltd

Matthew Fagan 07955203716. matthew.fagan@biograd.co.uk. Science practicals £846, residential course £250. Frequent Covid tests included in the price.