Homeschooling in Ecuador

Developing independent learners

Over the last few years there has been a substantial increase in the number of students homeschooling, with Wolsey Hall Oxford, in Ecuador. We find that both expat and local Ecuadorian families appreciate the flexibility of our curriculum, our focus on developing independent learners and the support offered by our team of highly qualified Student Progress Managers (SPMs) and Tutors.

Our homeschooling students in Ecuador range in age from those taking Primary Level right through Secondary Level to IGCSE and A levels.

And families in Ecuador need not worry that homeschooling will effect their child moving onto Tertiary Education, as our Cambridge IGCSE and A level courses are accepted by top universities around the world. We also offer a University Advice Service which is designed to help Wolsey Hall Oxford students make the right choices as they move on to the next stage of their education.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall is a registered online Cambridge International School.

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Equivalent qualifications

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Titulo de Bachiller Ciencias

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Meet Pedro

Fourteen-year-old fencer Pedro has been homeschooling in Ecuador for two years while successfully competing in fencing competitions worldwide.

a secondary student homeschooling in Ecuador
A family homeschooling in Ecuador

How our courses work

Wolsey Hall courses offer our students homeschooling in Ecuador a carefully balanced mix of online and offline study.

  • All of our courses are online and presented in modules. Students in Ecuador work through them at their own pace therefore, not having to attend live lessons.
  • Comprehensive textbooks are provided and included in our fees.
  • Students complete an assignment at the end of each module and take quizzes to test their understanding.
  • Assignments are marked by our Tutors and detailed and encouraging feedback is provided.
  • In addition, Student Progress Managers monitor your child’s progress throughout the course.


Our fees and discounts

Our fees include all textbooks required for the course, access to our state-of-the-art online learning system for both you and your child, highly qualified subject Tutors and an experienced Student Progress Manager who will monitor your child’s progress.

You will receive a 10% discount where an enrolment is for:

  • Five or more Year 1 – Year 9 or IGCSE subjects (at the same level).
  • Three complete A level subjects.
  • The sibling of a new, current or former student of Wolsey Hall. Where two children are enrolled together, the discount applies to the sibling with the lower fee.

We also offer flexible instalment plans, for our families homeschooling in Ecuador, which we would be happy to discuss further with you.

A primary student homeschooling in Ecuador
You have been most helpful and straightforward to deal with, not every organisation behaves in this way so I would not hesitate to recommend your courses to others. Our son Rupert is doing great in his IGCSE Maths course and we may well add extra courses in time.
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Laurie Cannon – IGCSE Parent


Lucy is really enjoying the Year 9 courses, they really suit her and she’s learning how to use the material and tutor feedback to best advantage. It’s great timing that she’s having this year to get used to this new way of working before starting the IGCSE courses (never mind the fortuitous timing regarding the global pandemic!). So much better than “ordinary school“, much bigger focus on learning and less on testing. I hated all the testing to give the school data for Ofsted and league tables, not in the children’s best interests at all! All she ever got was a score, no chance to learn from her mistakes which is all part of the assignment process at Wolsey Hall. We’ll definitely be signing up for IGCSE’s with Wolsey Hall.
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Catherine Merryweather -Secondary Homeschooling Parent


I’ve found no better place to discover my potential as a learner than at Wolsey Hall Oxford. The time I have spent working towards completing my secondary education with them has been very encouraging and gratifying. I’ve received such a great amount of support. To add to this, I’ve been happy to discover that the subjects I once thought impossible are the ones I’ve grown to love and do well in. Amazing doesn’t even sum it up for me, it’s been a truly outstanding part of my journey.

Zenzele Memela – IGCSE Student

South Africa

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