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Sofia’s story

Sofia has been home educating in Italy with Wolsey Hall since she was eight years old. She’s now 14 and continues to combine her education with Wolsey Hall while also attending a local school. Sofia is now embarking on A level Maths with us while also studying IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE Biology and IGCSE English.

“My journey with Wolsey Hall started six years ago when I was eight. My mother was first introduced to Wolsey Hall by a book called ‘Parent Power’ by Francis Gilbert just before my enrolment. The first course I studied was Year 5 Maths, which was just being launched for the first time. The reason why I started to study with Wolsey Hall was because I explicitly told my mother how much I hated Maths. I didn’t like my Maths teacher in my Italian elementary school I attended. So, from that time on, I have been studying with Wolsey Hall and getting enrolled in many other subjects.”

Sofia is homeschooling in Italy

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Sofia is homeschooling in Italy

Supplementary studies

“I have continued to study with Wolsey Hall while also attending an Italian school. In Italy, if you decide not to send your child to a mainstream school, your children will have to sit an exam with all of the subjects in the Italian school every year. It is done to see if a parent is not depriving their child from education, because that would be illegal. However, in my case, I would have had to study not only with Wolsey Hall, but also all of the Italian education program for this exam. My mother considered it too unhealthy in terms of stress for a child like I was, so decided to avoid such a situation.”

“My experience with Wolsey Hall has been amazing. All in all, I have been really impressed by how efficient and effective all of the courses have been. After every course, I realised how much knowledge I had gained in that subject. I never once felt like I was at the same level as I was when I started the course. There were many factors that contributed to my constant improvement: the resources, the Tutors and lots of exercises. In each module, there are many resources from websites to PowerPoints which have always helped me to consolidate or review a topic. Plus, all of my Tutors have been extremely available to help me whenever I was uncertain of a concept or topic. They have given me extra resources to consolidate my learning on that specific topic. In addition to all of this, the tutors were always kind and respectful towards me, which I think is important for a teacher to do so.”

Why choose Wolsey Hall?

“The first advice I would give to someone considering homeschooling is to never hold back from asking questions. Your assigned Tutor will always try to help you in the best way possible. When I first started studying with Wolsey Hall, I was afraid to ask because I thought the Tutor would judge me. At the end, I had to ask since I was not able to go on with the course. So, seeking help is not something you should feel embarrassed about.”

“My second advice would be to take your time in completing the course. Do not rush things too much because you will end up not understanding or remembering half of the course topics. Wolsey Hall is very flexible with their schedule, so you should not feel too stressed in completing an assignment on time. The ultimate goal is that you completely understand everything in the course. In my case, I had some periods when I just had to study only for my school for exams or tests, so I was not able to continue the courses regularly with Wolsey Hall. Nonetheless, the tutors understood and did not push me to hand-in assignments I was not ready to have.”

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