Home education in New Zealand

Jack’s story

Jack attends school in New Zealand but also studies Maths and English IGCSE with Wolsey Hall. His mum Michelle explains why they made the decision to combine home education in New Zealand with mainstream school and how it’s working for them:

“Jack started studying with Wolsey Hall in 2018. Jack is in fact at school as well. The school has the IGCSE programme for only a few selected students. Although Jack was in the top stream for his subjects and did very well, he missed the cut off for selection.”

“The style of exams the IGCSE offers suits Jack’s learning style and he is doing very well. I like the fact that they are recognised internationally. It’s interesting to see that the A levels are considered highly in the requirements for NZ universities.“

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Many students chose to supplement their traditional school education with some homeschooled subjects.

Home education in New Zealand Student Jack

“Jack is considering international study and this makes the Cambridge qualification ideal for us. It also allows Jack to do literature in greater depth than is possible in the combined NCEA English/English literature.”

“The study experience with Wolsey has been exceptional. I always wanted Jack to experience this qualification, but was daunted by the tutoring of the subject matter without a structured course. Wolsey Hall provides the structure and much more. The way in which the curriculum is divided into modules, and the many links to resources, provides a well-constructed programme. It’s easy to understand and provides the reassurance that all the curriculum is covered within the study time.”

“Jack is able to go at his own pace and it’s a fantastic way to develop his independent research skills and self-management of his time. The curriculum stretches him intellectually and is refreshingly different in style to the bite size modules of NCEA.”

“The Tutors are amazing. We appreciate their quick responses and the individual feedback is a real motivating factor in Jack’s study.”

“The help of the Student Progress Manager has been invaluable in helping me as a parent to manage the timelines on Jack’s study in conjunction with his extra-curricular commitments. Jack plays waterpolo and has appeared in several different theatre productions. We have the flexibility to change Jack’s schedule when his workload/exam and theatre commitments are at their height.”

Home education New Zealand - Jack appearing in Shakespeare

Combining mainstream school and home education

“Home education in New Zealand is an option even if you are at school too. We hope that if Jack does well we can move to A levels. The school only offers up to AS level.”

“The self-motivated study seems to suit Jack better than the classroom experience in many respects. At school he has the social interaction with his peers that is invaluable and is able to fully experience the practical elements and group work of subjects such as drama. The fact we can combine both experiences is amazing.”

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