Homeschooling supplementary education

Poppy’s story

Thirteen-year-old Poppy is studying IGCSE Maths with Wolsey Hall as a homeschooling supplemtary education subject while attending a local school in Lebanon.

“Poppy has always enjoyed Maths but as parents we didn’t want her to feel pushed, it’s healthy for her to be in the right age class with her peers at school. But at the start of Year 9 we felt that Poppy was really starting to struggle with boredom and frustration in the school lessons so we looked out for a ‘passion project’ for her. We suggested to her that she could study the IGCSE Extended Maths through Wolsey Hall. The independent study style is providing her with an opportunity to really take ownership over something that she knows she is good at. Poppy was fully involved in the decision and she decides when and how she organises her work – it’s really up to her.”

homeschooling in Spain

We support a large number of students who use homeschooling for supplementary subjects to go alongside their studies in a traditional school.

Maths and Additional Maths

“For the moment Poppy still attends her school Maths lessons. In September she will be in Year 10 and starting her IGCSE options. But seeing as she is due to take the IGCSE Maths exam in November there are a number of choices as to what she might do.

One option might be for her to continue with another independent Maths course – maybe the more challenging Additional Maths IGCSE, and we might arrange for her to go to the library during school Maths lessons to work on this privately.”

How to organise your schedule

“Poppy has organised her own timetable and knows when she needs to do some Maths. The timetable and breakdown from Wolsey are great for structuring and looking ahead to the next assignment. One assignment a month has been a perfect target for her.

Her Tutor sends lots of supporting material for each module. She also marks very promptly and Poppy is always very excited to see her latest score.”

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