Homeschooling in Switzerland

Homeschooling in Switzerland has seen a rise over the last five years. It is permitted in 16 of the country’s 26 cantons but restrictions do apply so we advise families to thoroughly research this before applying.

Once you have received permission to homeschool your child in Switzerland, you will need to decide which provider is best suited to you. Wolsey Hall’s homeschooling courses are structured but offer great flexibility as we don’t provide live lessons meaning there are no strict timetables to adhere to.

We offer courses from Primary (aged 4) up to A level. Your child can join us at any point during their education, safe in the knowledge that our courses and qualifications are recognised worldwide. This means your child can homeschool with us right up to attending university if they wish to do so.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online Cambridge International School.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a Pearson Edexcel approved centre

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Equivalent qualifications

Wolsey Hall equivalent course
Diploma di Scuola Cultura Generale
Between IGCSE and AS level
Diplome d’Ecole de Culture Generale
Between IGCSE and AS level
Diplom der Mittelschule
Between IGCSE and AS level
Kantonale Maturität
AS level
Maturité Cantonale
AS level
Certificat de Maturité
A level
Der Eidgenössisch Anerkannte Maturitätsausweis
A level
Attestato di Maturità
A level


All our Tutors are UK trained teachers with years of experience in their specialist subjects. They love to support homeschooling students and pass on their passion for learning. Your child will meet their Tutors via video call at the start of their courses and will be able to contact them at all times via email during the course.

All our courses include regular assignments that students submit to their Tutors via our online platform Canvas. Our Tutors mark the assignments and provide encouraging and detailed feedback.

students are homeschooling in Switzerland from age 4 through to 18
homeschooling exam results

Academic excellence

Many families enjoy homeschooling in Switzerland because of the greater control it gives them over their child’s education. Our courses are designed to be academically rigorous while engaging and enjoyable for the student. Developing independent learners is a core skill we focus on at Wolsey Hall and this begins from an early age. We strive to ensure each student reaches their full potential and this is regularly reflected in the top marks that our students achieve in their exams.

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