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We offer a wide range of AS and A level homeschooling courses.

A levels are recognised by employers and universities alike as the “gold standard” of British Secondary education. Good A level passes will secure entry to the best UK and US universities and to universities worldwide.

AS level is a stand alone qualification in all subjects in its own right, as well as being the first half of an A level.  Depending on the entry requirements of the university to which you apply, an AS can add breadth to your A level qualifications.


Note that you need to take the A level exam within 13 months of the AS exam for the qualification to remain valid. If you defer your A level exams beyond this period, you will be required to take the AS exams again. For more details see A level Exam Information.

To be accepted onto our A level homeschooling courses, students must have achieved our IGCSE/GCSE grade requirements. For advice on A level subjects please see Choosing Your A level Subjects.

See Cambridge A level for further information about the Cambridge exam board.

Note that our experienced University Services Advisor can help you select the right A level courses for entry onto your university course of choice, and can advise on all aspects of university entrance including application support and references. These services are easy to access though our UK University Advice and International University Advice pages.

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All Levels Homeschooling Open Event

Join us on Wednesday 15 May 2024 at 10am (UK time) to find out how homeschooling works with Wolsey Hall Oxford.

Our live presentation covers how our courses work for students aged 4-18 and the extensive learning support we offer to students and their families. There is also a question and answer session for parents at the end.

A level Biology (International)

A Level Biology (Int) blends theoretical and practical understanding with analytical skills. You will develop a deep understanding of the intricacies of the living world and its interaction with other systems, including its impact on us and us on it.

A level Biology (UK)

A Level Biology blends theoretical and practical understanding with analytical skills. You will develop a deep understanding of the intricacies of the living world and its interaction with other systems, including its impact on us and us on it. Alongside in-depth knowledge of the biological world, the study of Biology also helps you to develop skills in research, problem solving, organisation and communication.

A level Business

You’ll gain knowledge of all aspects of running a business and also the skills required to start your own. Whatever scale your future business is on, whether you are selling homemade produce or running a large corporation, you’ll need to understand the basics of a successful business. This course will enable you to do so.

A level Chemistry (International)

Our A level Chemistry (international) Course will open your eyes to the fact Chemistry is all around us. The world is filled with materials that have been discovered, developed and tested by chemists, such as medicines, foods, fuels, plastics, fertilisers and fabrics. An understanding of the subject can help you answer many questions about everyday life!

A level Chemistry (UK)

Our A level Chemistry course shows students that Chemistry is all around us. The world is filled with materials that have been discovered, developed and tested by chemists, such as medicines, foods, fuels, plastics, fertilisers and fabrics. An understanding of the subject can help you answer many questions about everyday life!

A level Classical Studies

A Level Classical Studies involves the study of the civilisations of Greece and Rome in the Classical period. Its multi-disciplinary approach combines elements of history, literature and history of art.

A level Computer Science

A Level Computer Science encourages learners to meet the needs of Higher Education courses in computer science as well as those of 21st century digital employers. It encourages learners to think creatively, through applying practical programming solutions, demonstrating that they are effective users of technology.

A level Economics

Cambridge A Level Economics will give you an in-depth understanding of the impact of economics on societies around the world, as well as an appreciation of how the market economy influences national and international policy. A detailed analysis of the European Union will also help prepare you for a variety of career opportunities.

AS level English General Paper

Our Cambridge AS level English General Paper course is set at AS level only and is a valuable addition to your 3 core A Level subjects. It will develop your understanding and use of English in a range of contexts. You will learn how to incorporate key details into your writing in order to support your argument, as well as honing your skills in interpretation, analysis, reasoning, evaluation and persuasion.

A level English Language

The study of Cambridge A Level English Language allows you to develop a critical understanding of a wide variety of texts, both written and spoken. These are taken from a range of sources including journalism, biographies, advertisements, speeches, blogs, and fiction.

A level English Literature

Our Cambridge A Level English Literature course will introduce you to some of the greatest poetry, prose and drama ever written. You will learn how to approach the analysis of texts from a range of different genres, eras and cultures with confidence. And you’ll learn how to express informed and independent opinions and judgements about them based on sound evidence.

A level Further Maths

The Cambridge A Level Further Maths allows you to develop skills which will help you study a range of STEM subjects at a higher level. It strengthens transferrable skills such as logical thinking, modelling and analysis. It is also highly valued when applying to university for competitive courses such as Medicine, Computer Science and Engineering.

A level Geography

Our Cambridge A Level Geography course is a ‘facilitating subject’. Its combination of physical and social sciences, data skills and real-world applications, makes Geography a highly relevant subject to study and the perfect companion to any other humanities or science subjects.

A level History

Studying Cambridge A Level History allows you to make connections between the world of today and the world of the past. When we analyse important historical events, we learn about the consequences of people’s actions and we can apply this knowledge to our understanding of current affairs, learning valuable lessons for the future.

A level History of Art

History of Art involves the study of art and architecture ranging from the classical period through to the twentieth century. You will learn the skills and technical vocabulary necessary to analyse material from a diverse range of cultures and eras and will develop your critical and evaluative skills as you study key works of art and architecture within their historical contexts.

A level Maths

A Level Maths is an interesting and challenging course which extends the methods you learned at (I)GCSE and includes optional applications of mathematics, such as Statistics and Mechanics. Statistics is

A level Physics (International)

A Level Physics gives you the opportunity to explore the phenomena of the universe, with theories that explain what is observed, and practical experiments to test those ideas. You will learn about everything from kinematics to cosmology, and many recent developments in fascinating topics, such as particle physics.

A level Physics (UK)

A Level Physics is a mixture of highly conceptual thinking and very practical applications. You need to be able to think about abstract ideas such as fields, but be able to apply those ideas to how, for instance, electric motors work.

A level Politics

Politics underpins the ever-changing society in which we live. As part of your A Level Politics course, you will examine the role politics plays in current local, national, and global issues, as well as studying key thinkers and political ideas. You will explore how people engage in the political process and will develop an understanding of contemporary political structures and issues within their historical contexts.

A level Psychology

In this Cambridge A Level Psychology course, your studies will be shaped by four key approaches in Psychology: cognitive psychology; social psychology; learning psychology and biological psychology. Topics also include child development, sleep and dreaming, memory and learning in humans and animals.

A level Sociology

Sociology is the study of human society and culture. The A Level Scoiology course spans a wide range of topics and allows you to examine social and cultural habits, behaviours and attitudes, gaining insight into the key elements that underpin human existence.

AS level Thinking Skills

AS Level Thinking Skills (also known as ‘Critical Thinking’) was developed to allow students to demonstrate more sophisticated, complex and mature ways of thinking. You will learn how to approach information and problems, how to break them down, understand, analyse and ultimately resolve them. You will be encouraged to express and debate your ideas, think critically and investigatively, and to apply informed and disciplined reasoning to your arguments.

Student Salome talks about studying A levels in South Africa

As a first time home-schooled student, Wolsey Hall Oxford has proved very successful and helped me to obtain the results I wanted. Not only does Wolsey offer a very well structured and focussed course but also has very insightful, informative and supportive tutors who are willing to go that extra mile to reply and explain each and every query. Through Wolsey Hall I managed to come out with completely 'A' grades in each AS level I took and I owe it to my Tutors for being there and helping me through it all; I couldn't have done it without them (especially Carol - Geography Tutor, who always went the extra step to make things easier for me). I have now got into University! If you want results - look no further. Thanks Wolsey Hall!
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Brittany – A level Student


I spent the evening reflecting on everything and I individually messaged all my teachers saying everything and asking for help. Long messages writing how I really feel about the course etc. and I just really wanted to thank you so much, I have never even heard of such a kind teaching group and such understanding teachers. My old school was nothing like this, and although I can’t see you in real life I already feel so so welcome and I can tell my teachers and I connect in a way. So, thank you for supporting me, it really really means the world. For many reasons I have never really fit in my schools and I love Wolsey Hall! One of my teachers replied to my message already and it really touched me how much you want to us succeed and put no unnecessary pressure on us. I am really grateful you have no idea. Have a lovely evening and don’t worry, I’m getting my working mode on. Just wanted to say your heart for the students doesn’t go unnoticed!
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Eglantine – A Level Psychology Student


To be honest, I don't think I would have done this so easily without the entire Wolsey Hall team on board - and, all the Tutors' help. I am quite amazed at what I've done!
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Hamzah Yousef Jameel, IGCSE & A level Homeschooling Student


The initial study advice I received was easy to understand. My Tutors were more than helpful and were quick to answer any of my questions and grade my assignments. My Student Progress Manager was excellent in not only guiding me but keeping me up to date on events and other stuff also.

Jin Bo-Kyung, A Level Student

South Korea

My son Victor received the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award 2018 in China, for his 95% AS Level Maths result! We had a great time at the ceremony. Victor is obviously the youngest award winner as he skipped two years of Maths in school. The other winners for AS or A Level are either at Year 13 or studying at University level already! The IGCSE subject award winners were already in Year 12, whilst Victor is only in Year 11. I hope he will get more awards next year, with his IGCSE subjects and A Level Maths.
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Lisa Kuo, A level Homeschooling Parent

Hong Kong