Homeschooling in Jersey

Grace’s story

Twelve-year-old Grace is homeschooling in Jersey with Wolsey Hall Oxford.

“We started to home educate Grace in 2016, when we discovered that she was being bullied,” explains Grace’s mum, Kate. “She stopped eating, sleeping and cried terribly when being taken to school. We had no support from Grace’s Primary school, and therefore decided to pursue an alternative way of educating her.

“We felt confident to cover Primary Level work ourselves but for her Secondary years, we needed support to ensure that she was receiving the best level of schooling that we could obtain for her. This was when we discovered Wolsey Hall. We were very impressed with what we saw and they were incredibly helpful, answering our many questions!”

homeschooling because of bullying

Sadly, a number of our students are homeschooling due to bullying experienced in a traditional school setting.

Grace is homeschooling in Jersey

“Studying with Wolsey Hall so far has been fantastic,” explains Grace. “I feel like my education now is of a higher standard than if I were in a school environment. I actually enjoy studying nowadays, and if I wasn’t with Wolsey I don’t think I would feel the same way. My Tutors are all wonderful, and if I don’t do so well in something they are still so supportive. Each day I look forward to getting my books out and beginning my work. Reading and writing is very important to me and I also do extra studying on sites such as Mymaths, Languagenut and IXL.”

“We are thrilled with the results that Grace is getting,” continues Kate. “It is wonderful for her to have Tutors that are available to encourage her. She enjoys receiving her marked assignments and reading through their feedback.”

Building confidence with others

“Apart from the excellent education that she is receiving, Grace’s confidence has grown and she is thoroughly blossoming. One of the most difficult things we experienced initially, was trying to get Grace to join activities where other children were. She had been let down and found it hard to trust others. She tried out many clubs and eventually realised that she enjoys taekwondo and karate, which were fantastic for her. She has received many belts and awards. She’s now made friends from these clubs which is the icing on the cake! She’s realised that she can achieve whatever she sets out to do.”

Grace is homeschooling in Jersey

Grace’s advice

“If you’re new to homeschooling I say not to panic about the work and to try and enjoy it. It’s so exciting to send work in to your Tutors and to study your different subjects. Wolsey Hall is amazing for all subjects, and the quality of work that you are given is second to none. I wish you all the best for your homeschooling journey!”

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