Homeschooling due to bullying

Edward’s story

Eight-year-old Edward* moved from Switzerland to Scotland. Unfortunately, he suffered prolonged verbal and physical bullying at two schools before his family decided to homeschool with Wolsey Hall.

*Edward’s name has been changed.

Secondary school places

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“The first year at traditional school went well. It was amazing. The second year, however, we started to have problems,” explains his Mum. “He was not sleeping, moody, restless and difficult. He was being bullied by his class mates and we had to drag him out of the house in the morning. He also had no guidance in school so we started to notice that he was always restless.

“We thought it was ADHD but it wasn’t. He was showing some of the behaviours due to an environment that was not stimulating him and was unsupportive. We therefore decided to change school. Again, it all seemed to be OK in the beginning. He was the new boy so he suddenly had friends coming over, and that year his birthday party was attended by a lot of children for the first time in seven years. Until he started to have problems again; he was badly beaten up by two children for quite some time.”

Edward is homeschooling due to bullying
homeschooling due to bullying has been a lifeline for Edward

“Our family, as a whole, was really struggling. After speaking with the schools we were reassured that all was under control and the bullying was nothing but some “rough play”.

Nothing was getting resolved so we decided to homeschool our son with Wolsey Hall. It’s been the best decision. Edward is a different child; he started Wolsey Hall in a bad mood as he saw homeschooling as a punishment because he is a very sociable child.

However, in time, his interest for computing, maths and chemistry changed his view. We also noticed that, in the last couple of years the number of homeschooling families has grown so he has more time to socialise.”

A positive way forward

“The structure that Wolsey Hall offers is superb; it has nothing to envy private or elite schools, with the difference being that the child is really at the centre of the learning cycle. The Tutors are always very supportive, we have feedback and know where he is struggling and where he is doing very well. He also enjoys the chess club and the various project challenges that we read about in the Wolsey Hall student community.” Unfortunately bullying is still all too common in schools and the damage it causes to self-esteem and the mental wellbeing of children can be considerable. For such children, homeschooling can be a welcome relief. Without the constant stress and pressure caused by bullying children often thrive, reaching their full potential.


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