Gifted child

Eddie’s story

Eddie (age 14 from the UK) is a gifted child and track cyclist with huge potential. He started his education in traditional school and left in his last year of Primary after researching the benefits of homeschooling. “I got very bored in that final year as we went over previous work every day, I was really ready to learn new things and I started to research home education.” 

Mum, Sue says :“Honestly, I had not heard about home education, I didn’t even know it was a possibility. It was Eddie who did all the research and persuaded us to let him give it a go. It was a big decision and thankfully his school were very supportive of our decision.”

homeschooling gifted child playing chess with his dad

Wolsey Hall Oxford support many homeschooling gifted students who enjoy the freedom of being able to work at their own pace and the most suitable level for them.

“Eddie went straight into studying four IGCSE subjects with Wolsey Hall Oxford, choosing Maths, English, History and Geography. He thoroughly enjoyed working at his own pace, doing his own research and practicing for the exams. He sat them at the age of 13 and achieved two A grades, a B and a C. I feel that the greatest benefit however is not in the grades he achieved but in the way he learned to study independently and under his own motivation. We are all really proud of him for the way he applied himself and how driven he is to achieve his own goals.”

Eddie says: “The study went well and teaching myself was great as I had to be very organised and independent, which are very good skills to have that you don’t always learn in school.”

How the exams went

“I was very pleased with how my exams went with an A in English and History, a B in Maths and a C in Geography,” says Eddie. “I was especially pleased with English as it has never been my strong point and I worked especially hard to achieve that grade. This was my first experience of sitting exams and I really enjoyed the whole experience, I am really looking forward to the next subjects now…

“After my exams I set up an online business called Champ-Techselling earphones, wireless chargers and tech products. It has been really exciting to do this alongside my studies and learn everything from social media advertising, logo design, website design and communicating with buyers and suppliers.”

Gifted child Eddie is an experienced cyclist

“The other exciting benefit is the time I was also able to give to my sport of track cycling. I was able to organise my studies and be free to train for my bike racing, however as the exams neared I had to make some sacrifices. Now that I have 4 IGCSEs behind me, I will have far more time to dedicate to training, in what is a quite important year of racing for me.

“I am now starting to study an Economics IGCSE, and three Sciences.”

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