Upper Primary Art

The benefits of studying Primary Art

Our Primary Art and Design homeschooling course covers the requirements of the Primary English National Curriculum over the course of 4 years.

This course will lead pupils step by step through a rich art and design programme covering a wide diversity of art elements, skills and cultural influences.

It will help pupils develop their own creative style, encourage them to learn and experiment with new techniques and to construct and develop imaginative ideas in the form of a sketchpad.

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Wolsey Hall is a registered online Cambridge International School.

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Some art to try at home from Primary Art Tutor Paula Byles

Making Paper Mache Paste

Making paper mache

paper mache Greek pots

Making paper mache Greek pots

How to make an origami bat

How to make an Origami bat

Creating a Cartoon Storyboard

Making a cartoon storyboard

Key topics covered

The course covers a number of different artistic elements. Each lesson begins with a warm up, helping them to improve skills and techniques.

The lesson is led by an experienced art teacher and artist through video lessons and visual examples.

At the end of the unit, work is submitted to your Tutor in the form of a digital portfolio. The course contains advice on presenting, finishing and evaluating work.

Part 1
Drawing and mark making;
the world of colour and an introduction to painting.

Part 2
Exploring print making;
graphics, illustration and mixed media.

Part 3
Working in 3D and sculpture;
natural materials and personal project.

In order to complete this course to the highest possible standard, it requires a number of different resources which need to be purchased separately.

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primary homeschooling art

The Primary Art course

Primary Art course overview

Course overview

Primary homeschooling art equipment list

Equipment list

Abigail's work on her primary homeschooling art course

Student Abigail’s artwork

Primary homeschooling art

The syllabus and hours of study

  • Allow for up to 2 hours of study time per week for you and your child to complete each year of Upper Primary Art and Design Course plus additional time for completing assignments.
  • Whilst the course is very practical, your child will also learn about artists and their work.
  • Your child should be able to complete the course in 9 months

Course samples

Course Fees

Rachael Butler

Mel Hawkins

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Our experience with Wolsey Hall Oxford has been excellent! Ella is thriving on her Primary homeschooling courses. She is enjoying the creativeness of the English programme and how it allows learning while bringing in her own interests such as a biography on her favourite author.
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Bron Naude, Primary Homeschooling Parent