Rachael Butler


I have been teaching for 22 years now, all subjects and ages in the Primary curriculum. I trained in Cheshire for four years gaining a BEd (Hons) degree. I live and work in the county of Norfolk.

Art and Design has always been my passion. I feel privileged to teach children this subject and love to see Art transform young people’s lives. When children experiment with materials, they are using Art as a form of communication and expression, which in turn helps them develop their imagination and creativity. Most importantly perhaps, children are able to feel good while they are creating, they can boost their confidence, self-esteem, and have a lot of fun doing it. 

Maths, Science, History and Geography are other subjects I enjoy teaching. There is so much to learn about the incredible world we live in. Visual learning interests me. We all see and learn new things in different ways. Visual learning helps children see information to learn it, and this “seeing” can take many creative forms.  

When I am not teaching, I work creatively with both traditional art and craft skills and exciting new technologies. I love to draw, paint and work with ceramics. I also work with CAD (Computer aided Design) building 3D designs on computer-based software. I love the great outdoors and I take most of my creative inspiration from nature. At the moment, I am focusing on canvas paintings, abstract coastal scenes. 

When I’m not being creative, I like to go hiking and paddle in my kayak. I am looking forward to supporting parents and their children at Wolsey Hall.