Alice Darke

BA (Hons), PGCE

My desire to work in children’s education began during my role as Art Teacher at a Summer Camp in New York. These children didn’t have much, but what they did have was an enthusiasm for learning! It was an honour to watch them grow and develop new skills.  

Since then, I have taught a variety of ages and subjects in several schools. I believe a teacher can ignite a love for learning and a passion for a subject. My passion lies in the creative areas of the curriculum: I love art, design and music. I follow these passions in my spare time, creating elaborate cakes, transforming windows with snow spray art and frequently enjoy playing the piano. Whilst I teach all areas of the curriculum day to day, I love to run extra-curricular clubs to encourage children’s interests in many creative areas. Over the years, my clubs have included, potion making, nature crafts, fashion design, silk screen printing and CSI (forensics) club to name a few.   

During the pandemic, I embraced online teaching, discovering ways to overcome any challenges presented by learning remotely. I was amazed at how children’s education could continue seamlessly with the guidance of online support.   

I am excited to be tutoring with Wolsey Hall Oxford and to continue to ignite creative passions in all of my students, whilst offering care and support throughout their educational journey.