Jane Elishia


I have a proven track record as a teacher in Primary Schools and as a lecturer focusing initially on Key Stage One and Early Years. However, I have taught all Primary age groups and children with Special Educational Needs and I have enjoyed mentoring both children and adults.

I have an affinity with homeschooling because it enables the needs of children and their individuality can be nurtured so effectively. Some of my friends’ children were homeschooled, and they went on to excel in their fields.

I like to help learners to become confident and enjoy their achievements. Having taken myself back to university to complete my Masters (in Education), I understand the pleasure that comes from continuing to learn. I recently attended a course on Phonics in The Early Years and Key Stage One and I’m a firm believer in lifelong learning.

I love to be reflective and am fully versed in study skills and pedagogy in education. I have successfully helped parents and children to develop these skills. I have spoken at educational conferences on work-based learning and education and have published a paper on online learning. I am flexible, adaptable, creative and enjoy working with others.

My hobbies are walking in the countryside and researching aspects of current affairs and science more deeply. I can draw and paint, and I like to dance.

I am delighted to be working with Wolsey Hall and to sharing my passion for education with you.