Homeschooling performer

Lucy’s story

Nine-year-old Lucy regularly performs in shows meaning attending auditions and rehearsals made mainstream school life difficult. When Covid hit, Lucy switched to studying year 5 with Wolsey Hall and hasn’t looked back.

homeschooling performer

Homeschooling performing artists with Wolsey Hall Oxford means these children are able to attend rehearsals, and public events and perform at a high level without falling behind in their studies.

homeschooling performer

Covid disruption

“We decided that Lucy should start studying with Wolsey Hall primarily due to disruption from Covid,” explains Lucy’s mum, Clare. “Wolsey Hall offered security and a knowledge that her education would continue despite everything going on in the world! Wolsey Hall was recommended to us by a family member. A personal recommendation was really helpful as we felt a little lost to start with.”

Life changing for the family

“Homeschooling for Lucy has literally changed all our lives! It’s taken away so many stresses and added so many positives. There’s huge flexibility to fit in extras such as Lamda, dancing and singing, and for Lucy it has made preparing and going to auditions much more straightforward. The worry that she’s missing things at school has gone away as we can fit her lessons around whatever happens that particular day.”

“Her Tutors and Student Progress Manager are always really encouraging and send supportive emails after her assignments. Her SPM in particular also gets very excited when Lucy gets to perform! She still does plenty of after-school activities too, so there’s no worries that she’s missing out on seeing her friends, so we feel the balance for her is just right. If things have been busy with some late nights, it’s fantastic not having to get up for regular school hours, and knowing that Lucy will still be able to do all her school work without being exhausted.”

Lucy’s older sister Emily also supplements her education with studying Year 7 Maths to strengthen her knowledge in this subject.

Making the leap

“If someone is considering homeschooling, we’d definitely tell them to go for it! Have a think about what works for your family, but the whole experience was a lot less daunting and easier than we’d ever imagined.”

“Working with an organisation like Wolsey Hall massively simplifies the process and provides all the structure and support you’ll need.”

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