Homeschooling in Qatar

Kaelem’s story

Thirteen-year-old Kaelem is homeschooling in Qatar and started studying Year 4 courses with Wolsey Hall in 2017. He’s now progressed onto Year 8 courses and is still loving the flexibility that homeschooling brings him and his family.

“I left mainstream school because my family and I felt that I would be able to do better in homeschooling rather than mainstream education, mostly because of minor issues. I also think I can’t focus as well when around other people, so working by myself and at my own pace has worked out very well for me.”

The skyline seen by those homeschooling in Qatar

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Kaelem is homeschooling in Qatar

Adapting to home education

“It was a bit hard at first getting used to my new schedule, but after a couple of weeks I got into the hang of it. I really enjoy Wolsey Hall because it’s easy to use and understand. The Tutors are also really helpful and submitting assignments is a simple process.

“Being able to set a schedule that suits my family and I has been one of the biggest advantages of homeschooling. We live in the Middle East, where the summer is extremely hot (you can’t do anything because it’s too hot to go outside) so instead of having a long summer holiday (like they do in mainstream schools), I have a long winter holiday at the end of my year. Another thing I enjoy is that I get the whole curriculum at the beginning of the year so I know what topics I’m going to cover. I like knowing what work I need to do for the week ahead.”

Tips for getting started

“Depending on your age I recommend starting off with the help of parents, but if you’re comfortable with it you can start off on your own straightaway. My mom supported me like a teacher when I first started homeschooling with Year 4, but now I’m busy with Year 8 and I’m working more independently.

“I also recommend having a laptop or computer with a decent amount of space on it. Having a specific room to do all your work in also helps, it makes your house a lot less messy and you are able to work in peace if there is noise or guests are around. We have a ‘classroom’ in our house where all my school stuff is and I concentrate better when I work there. Setting up timetables at the beginning of your course will be hugely beneficial so that you know what to expect every week and when your assignments are due.”

Kaelem is homeschooling in Qatar

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