International homeschooling in Indonesia

International homeschooling in Indonesia has gained popularity in recent years. Thirteen-year-old Nixon began homeschooling in Indonesia in 2021. He enjoys the freedom of choosing his subjects as he is interested in learning foreign languages. He also appreciates being able to study his Lower Secondary courses at his own pace.

“Back in 2021 Nixon’s previous school decided to adopt the hybrid learning model starting from the new academic year,” explains his mum Herlina. “We still felt unsafe sending him to school because the pandemic was not really over. Our other concern was the number of subjects Nixon had to learn which was quite stressful. There were also some bullying issues at school so we came to the decision that he would continue with online learning.”

Academic excellence in homeschooling

Many families choose Wolsey Hall Oxford because of the freedom it allows.

International homeschooling Indonesia

International homeschooling and research

“Before we chose Wolsey Hall Oxford, we checked a homeschool in Indonesia, but just like other formal schools, it had so many compulsory subjects. When we researched Wolsey Hall, we felt it was more suitable because of its flexibility. Nixon can choose his favourite subjects and he can learn at his own pace. There are also many good reviews about Wolsey Hall which led us to choose this for our son.”

“We do not know much about the British curriculum but in Indonesia, primary students must attend class from Monday to Friday, starting at 7am until 2.30pm, which, in my personal opinion, is too long and tiring,” continues Herlina. “There are a lot of subjects to study as well.”


Why homeschool?

Nixon’s transition to homeschooling in Indonesia has been a smooth process. “He says that learning from home makes him feel safe and comfortable. He doesn’t have to copy the lessons from the board to his book because it is all there online. He can go back any time to read the modules or watch the videos.”

“One challenge he had to overcome was when he was required to write a 1000-word story by hand. His hand tires easily when he writes too much so we suggested that he ask his Student Progress Manager if he could just type instead of writing. After a meeting with the Learning Support Manager, she agreed for Nixon to type his assignments. We still encourage him to handwrite short assignments though.”

“Homeschooling offers flexible schedules. Nixon can still study even when we are travelling. We have greater quality time and he can pursue more hobbies.”

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