Homeschooling elite golfer

Meet homeschooling elite golfer, Chloe

Chloe Tarbard, a homeschooling elite golfer, is homeschooled through Wolsey Hall Oxford. At the age of 14 she is already a champion golfer!

She spends most of her days at a golf course. ‘Sometimes I’m playing, sometimes I’m practicing, but either way I average around four hours of golf per day. I play to a high standard and my current handicap is +1.6,’ she says. ‘A typical day involves my schoolwork in the mornings followed by golf and gym in the afternoons. Depending on the weather, I sometimes commit a full day to schoolwork to get ahead of my schedule and in the winter, I do my schoolwork once it’s dark to use up the daylight hours for golfing practice.’

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Wolsey Hall Oxford supports a large number of homeschooling elite athletes from a variety of sports.

Homeschooling golfer Chloe Tarbard

The benefits of homeschooling

Her journey into the golfing world started when she was just 7-years old. ‘My family had a holiday home next to a golf course and driving range,’ she explains. ‘I very quickly fell in love with the game and by the age of 11, I didn’t really want to do anything else!’ Thanks to homeschooling, Chloe doesn’t need to choose between her sporting career and her education – she can commit to both in a way that works for her.

‘Homeschooling enabled me to go to Spain for three months of the winter to continue with my golf preparation for the season and it’s so convenient because I am able to work anywhere with a computer and a scanner! It’s really helped me to pursue my golfing dream without falling behind at school.’

‘I enjoy the fact that with homeschooling I can use my time efficiently… I felt that at school many hours were wasted. Now I just get on with it with no distractions! I find it easy to balance my schoolwork and outside activities. While I do miss the social side of school I am lucky to have a large number of friends due to my golf,’ she says. Chloe is currently taking 6 GCSEs: maths, English language, science, Spanish, business and geography. ‘I’d say that my favourite subject has to be Spanish,’ she says.

Achievements and future aspirations

Chloe is proud to have recently won the National English Schools Golf Championship and will soon go on to participate in an international match against Wales. I am also very proud of reaching a handicap of +1.6,’ she says. ‘I have played in numerous national, regional and county events and my schedule continues to fill up.’ Chloe’s favourite golfer is Jin Young Ko who she admires for being a great golfer, as well as for her perfect composure and attitude.

‘My aspiration for the future is to become a professional golfer, which may include me going to study further in the USA! For now, I’m just enjoying every moment as it comes,’ she says.

Homeschooling Golfer

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