Homeschooling elite tennis player

Meher’s Story

Twelve-year-old homeschooling elite tennis player Meher is in her second year of homeschooling in India with Wolsey Hall Oxford. Meher is currently ranked 54 out of 800 in the Under 14s age category for tennis.

As she wanted to pursue tennis professionally, Meher decided homeschooling would fit around her commitments better than mainstream school so her and her parents began their research.

homeschooling tennis player in India

Meher created a video of a day in her life.

Choosing where to enrol

“We chose Wolsey Hall as the website explained the process well,” says Meher. “My friend was already studying with Wolsey Hall and speaking to him made me feel confident about homeschooling, and that Wolsey Hall’s processes and learning systems seemed doable. My parents and I spoke to Tamara in the Admissions Team which went well, and I was very happy to go with Wolsey Hall.”

“Homeschooling has been absolutely fantastic and it has made me love my subjects. I look forward to the learning process. It gives me time for my sport and studies. It has been easier than I thought, the curriculum is structured well, the learning resources are very helpful and holistic. The tutors have been very helpful and supportive especially my Student Progress Manager.”

homeschooling elite tennis player Meher

Homeschooling benefits

“Homeschooling helps me because it manages my learning and tennis very well. I’m able to spend more time playing tennis which has helped me improve my game faster than other people who go to regular schooling. I’m current ranked 64 out of 800 people in the Under 14 age category. It’s my first out of two years in the category.”

“My advice to others would be that homeschooling is up to the individual. It is great for kids who want to pursue something else along with studies and it definitely makes a difference, especially if you’re playing a sport or doing something similar which needs a lot of your time and attention. I am loving my time at Wolsey hall and its extremely flexible with the schedule and that helps me a lot.”

“In the future I would love to progress onto A levels and university but for now, I am enjoying my studies at Wolsey Hall.”

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