IGCSE Additional Maths

Why study Cambridge IGCSE Additional Maths

Cambridge IGCSE Additional Maths is accepted by universities and employers as proof of essential mathematical knowledge and ability. The Additional Mathematics syllabus is intended for high ability candidates who have achieved Grade A*, A or B in their GCSE or IGCSE Maths examination or are likely to do so. Successful Cambridge IGCSE Additional Mathematics candidates gain lifelong skills, including:

  • The further development of mathematical concepts and principles
  • The extension of mathematical skills and their use in more advanced techniques
  • An ability to solve problems, present solutions logically and interpret results
  • A solid foundation for further study

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Cambridge IGCSE Additional Maths Homeschooling Course

Key topics covered in the course

  • Functions & Quadratic functions
  • Equations, inequalities and graphs
  • Indices and surds
  • Factors of polynomials & simultaneous equations
  • Logarithmic and exponential functions
  • Straight line graphs & circular measure
  • Trigonometry
  • Permutations and combinations
  • Series & Vectors in two dimensions
  • Differentiation and integration

Prior requirements and hours of study

Previous study: CAIE recommends that learners starting this course should have studied a Mathematics curriculum such as IGCSE Mathematics and the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme or equivalent national educational framework.

OR have achieved an average of 85% in the first four assignments of our IGCSE Extended Maths before being accepted onto the course.

You should allow up to 150 hours study time to complete the course plus additional time to complete the assignments.

Student working out Cambridge IGCSE additional maths problem

The syllabus and exam

This course will prepare you for Cambridge IGCSE Additional Maths 0606.

Paper 1

2 hours long and is worth 50% of your overall grade.

Paper 2

2 hours long and is worth 50% of your overall grade

There are Cambridge exam centres in over 150 countries. We can provide details of the most convenient.

All of our IGCSE courses include a number of past exam papers in the final module. These include the most recent paper which can be taken as a mock exam and submitted to your Tutor for assessment and feedback for a modest additional fee.

Course sample

Cambridge IGCSE additional maths student working with her calculator

Please note that this course sample is only for exams up until October 2024. The final examinations for this syllabus are October 2024 – no further examination opportunities are possible after this date. We are now enrolling students on the new syllabus valid for examination in 2025.

Course Fees

I’ve found no better place to discover my potential as a learner than at Wolsey Hall Oxford. The time I have spent working towards completing my secondary education with them has been very encouraging and gratifying. I’ve received such a great amount of support. To add to this, I’ve been happy to discover that the subjects I once thought impossible are the ones I’ve grown to love and do well in. Amazing doesn’t even sum it up for me, it’s been a truly outstanding part of my journey.

Zenzele Memela – IGCSE Student

South Africa

“Studied abroad? Homeschooled? In a non-English speaking country?!” They were worried and I was too. Would I even be able to compete with a normal student? Was I disadvantaged? Nervous and terribly apprehensive, I sat my exams. It was a miracle! Paper after paper completed, and with such ease that it amazed me. All of Wolsey’s resources had ensured that I was comfortable during my examination. I recently received my results and there are: A’s in Math, English Language, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, German, and an A* in English Literature. All I can say is thank you, God, and thank you, Wolsey Hall Oxford.
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Sally Adhiambo Ombewa, IGCSE Homeschooling Student


“Homeschooling with Wolsey Hall has been a very delightful experience! The courses are beautifully organized, from the amazing resources on Canvas to the very creative assignments. However, above all, I couldn’t be more thankful to my very encouraging and supportive Tutors and Student Progress Manager who was always very welcoming to each and every question I had. Wholeheartedly, I couldn’t have scored an A* in both Physics and Biology without your help. Thank you!”
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Reem Arafat, Homeschooling IGCSE Student

Saudi Arabia

I’ve just got my results back and let’s just say I’m so happy! I am very lucky to have done schooling through this system. I used to go to regular school, where although my grades weren’t bad, I was struggling to keep up with everyone. I’ve found the best thing about Wolsey Hall is how I’m able to work at my own pace, so I’m never leaving topics behind that I don’t understand. Every question or problem I’ve had has been answered either through the Canvas resources or by my tutors. I’m really grateful for Wolsey for helping me pass all my exams, and I look forward to continue into my AS and AL years!
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Rebekah Lubbe – IGCSE Student


My son James was homeschooled and we chose Wolsey Hall to support him. The learning material was clear and concise and he was buoyed by the knowledge that support was only an email away. They say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Well, James did a clean sweep of A* and A’s. Job done. Thanks Wolsey Hall.
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Rachel Fox, IGCSE Parent