Year 1 or 2 English

The benefits of studying Lower Primary English

Our Lower Primary English homeschooling courses will help your child develop foundation skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. These will start them on the path to becoming an effective communicator and confident learner.

Nurturing children’s early communication and language skills is vital to their development.

From a very early age children want to communicate their thoughts and needs with those around them. Our courses follow a systematic approach to teaching, through engaging child-centred topics, that will motivate and empower them.

For more details of the curriculum see a summary of the areas of study here: Year 1/Year 2.

Once completed our Primary English homeschooling course lays the foundations for children to transition smoothly to our Upper Primary Level .

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall is a registered online Cambridge International School. 

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a Pearson Edexcel approved centre

We offer a wide range of Lower Primary subjects. 

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The key topics covered: Year 1

Our aim in the teaching of English is to enable your child to:

  • Speak carefully and choose words to express feelings and ideas.
  • Listen to the spoken word attentively and with understanding.
  • Enjoy listening and talking about a range of books.
  • Read aloud independently from simple books.
  • Develop their knowledge of sounds and how they form words.
  • Independently write sequences of sentences to express ideas.

The syllabus and hours of study

  • Allow 5 hours per week of teaching and learning time for you and your child to complete each year of Lower Primary English.
  • Your child should be able to complete the course in 9 months.
Lower Primary student studying English

Course samples

Course Fees

Zacharias really wants to read. He keeps showing up with books pointing at words and letters. He also starts writing by himself things he names. Like his famous dinosaurs. It isn’t the correct spelling, but he gets closer and closer to it. Something we as parents have been waiting for a long time. Once he can read and write, the world is his.
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Maria Isabel Carillo – Primary Homeschooling Parent


I’m most impressed that Lily can now start to read and write thanks to Wolsey Hall college. I think she is now well ahead of her class mates. We live in South East Asia and my daughter is 5.5 yrs old. Her school was closed during the China Virus lockdown for several months. We have nearly finished Part 1 – 12 week lessons in English and Maths. English is not my daughters ‘mothers tongue’ as such; and before starting the course she could not read any words and could only write basic words. At week 12 I’m very impressed with her as she can now read and write so well. Nearly every lesson there’s a lot of practice with ‘blending’ words for reading and ‘splitting’ sounds for spelling. It really works and she enjoys it as well. The Maths lessons are also good with many different teaching techniques. All resources can be downloaded and thus the guided teaching is easy to follow. Highly recommend this homeschooling college.
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Tim D – Primary Homeschooling Parent


The Wolsey Hall approach to reading and phonics is especially well designed. Wolsey approaches learning letter sounds in “layers”. This has made it possible for our daughter to learn to read in a matter of weeks without being overwhelmed. We find it remarkable that our 4 year old daughter is reading small books all on her own with confidence and enjoying it very much.
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Correne Hankins – Primary Homeschooling Parent


My daughter’s reading has improved so much, that I’m amazed daily how well she can read. I really like the way the course is designed to teach phonics and graphemes. It gives my daughter confidence to try herself to write new words. She does not ask me anymore for help.
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Monika Gaehler – Primary Homeschooling Parent