Michelle Robertson


I have been a Primary School teacher for fourteen years. I enjoy inspiring children to learn through active learning and believe enjoyment should be the centre of everything. If a child is happy and enthused in what they are doing, they will want to learn. I am particularly fond of a memory when my class found a hidden den with a mystery inhabitant in the wildlife garden. This led to a creative curriculum that the children found motivating.

In my teacher training, I chose numeracy as my specialism, as I find it fulfilling to help pupils with their misconceptions and build links between concepts. For the last two years, I have held a Maths club, where the children enjoy mathematical challenges through games and puzzles; this enables them to develop their learning whilst having fun.

I have also enjoyed teaching literacy, especially early writing and phonics. I love using children’s storybooks to build learning, looking at the language used and sentence structures to create children’s own versions of the text. My teaching has been inspired by educators such as Pie Corbett, who is a master of storytelling.

I’m always keen to encourage children to be resilient and independent in their learning, thereby enabling them to reflect and improve.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy being outside, either running, cycling with my husband on our tandem or enjoying the garden. I am also a keen music lover and go to over thirty concerts every year.

I am looking forward to working with Wolsey Hall as I particularly enjoy working with pupils individually, preparing them for their future and ensuring that they reach their full potential.