Homeschooling cyclist

Alex’s story

Nineteen-year-old Alex is a homeschooling cyclist living in Namibia. He started studying with Wolsey Hall at the beginning of 2018. As a cyclist regularly competing overseas, he needed a flexible education. Alex is now studying for his A levels and has recently qualified to represent Namibia in the next Olympics.

“I find the ability to structure learning around training, racing, and travelling while still studying is very fortunate. Some days I am on the bike for more than seven hours and getting home I’m absolutely shattered. Luckily I can make sure I allow myself more time to recover but then do more work on easier/rest days. It’s something that you definitely wouldn’t be able to achieve in the mainstream education system.”

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Alex is a homeschooling cyclist

“I have qualified to represent Namibia in the next Olympics. Firstly, Namibia had to qualify as a country. This was achieved when I finished 3rd at the African MTB Championships in April 2019. Our national cycling federation then chose four races which us Namibian athletes had to compete in to determine which one would be awarded the spot.

“I had two other serious contenders but luckily I performed the best and the selection panel chose me. Now that I’m selected, I have definitely been interviewed more and gained a lot of media attention here. Other than that, it means my coach and I will spend a period in Europe next year where we will race on the international level to gain points and valuable experience for the Olympic race.

“Sometimes, especially while I’m travelling, I find it difficult to keep organised and ahead with my studies but I’ve learnt that becoming a master of time management really helps. Don’t think that homeschooling will be any easier. It takes a lot of dedication and willpower. If you can manage your time well, everything will become more enjoyable.

“Besides from being on the bike, I really enjoy travelling. Seeing new places and meeting new people. I’m hoping to join a professional team after the Olympics. It would preferably be a mountain bike team, as this is where my passion lies, but if the opportunity rose for a spot in a road team, I would definitely take it as well.”

Alex is a homeschooling cyclist

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