Homeschooling cricket player

Chirayu’s story

Twelve-year-old Chirayu is a homeschooling cricket player who is studying with Wolsey Hall in India. A year into his studies, he’s loving the different approach to learning and the new experiences this brings.

“I’ve been homeschooling in India for a year now with Wolsey Hall as I wanted to use my time to play professional cricket. I was required to go to my practice from 10am through to 6pm, so I had limited time to dedicate to my studies. This left me with the option of quitting the regular mainstream school and choosing homeschool that provided me with the flexible hours of study.”

Young elite tennis player

We support a large number of homeschooling elite athletes across a wide variety of sports.

“I’ve had a great experience of learning at home. It has provided me with a new perspective to education and an absolutely stress-free environment. Learning has been more fun and elaborate compared to my regular schooling days. It has taken a different meaning that directs to excellence rather to successes achieved by competing with marks.

I am enjoying my journey with Wolsey and my courses with the Canvas software where the course materials are quite comprehensive and there is no need for me to make notes myself. The Tutors are very motivating and encouraging, and I also appreciate the freedom this method brings to me with respect to my studies and self-independence.

“I haven’t had any major problems with my studies but did have some challenges with the Computer Course. My Tutor and Student Progress Manager identified this and assisted me to move to a level lower so that I didn’t lose confidence in myself.”

Chirayu enjoys playing the guitar as a hobby and loves to read books outside of his studies. His strongly believes that books will broaden his world and his  imagination.

“I have participated in the World Essay Competition. I also developed the skill of sketching and have submitted my sketches to Wolsey Hall’s art club with a few being published on their Instagram account.”

Looking to the future

“I am very hopeful and confident of my future. I haven’t focused on any one particular subject as I am just beginning to understand the broad spectrum of choices. I wish to be a student of Cambridge University and look forward to working hard with dedication and commitment.”

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