Homeschooling in Portugal

Shona’s story

Seventeen-year-old Shona started homeschooling in Portugal at the start of her A levels so that she could concentrate on her love of music.

“I chose to homeschool because I am very involved in music. I am currently working to complete my violin Grade 8 ABRSM exam in June 2020. In addition to that I also play other instruments and run a YouTube channel. I am currently working on new projects going up on YouTube soon.

Homeschooling allows me to do all this because I am able to create my own schedule. I feel that I can focus more on what I enjoy with the flexibility I have now.”

International homeschooling

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Shona is Homeschooling in Portugal

Developing independent learning skills

“I have been living in Portugal for 10 years and used to attend an international school here in the Algarve, where I was taught Portuguese. The Algarve is a particularly international place with a very wide variety of nationalities and there are many music teachers around. I’ve also been able to participate in numerous concerts and musical productions over the years. I enjoy living here particularly because of the warm weather!

The biggest change has to be the fact that I have to teach myself the course material and make sure that I am understanding what needs to be done. The most enjoyable aspect of my study so far is the flexible timetable and that I can plan my days according to my musical practice and lessons through the week.”

Looking to the future

“I am planning to take a gap year when I have finished school. This is primarily to focus on my interests before I decide whether I want to go to university.

I am mainly interested in the production, mixing and mastering of music videos as opposed to performing which I have had to do a lot of so far but don’t enjoy that much. A sound engineering and production degree interests me, but I may apply for an apprenticeship as learning on the job may be another way of pursuing my interests.

My tips for other students… I think having a clear schedule for each day helps me make good use of my time and makes me stick to it. So far I’m able to fulfil everything I want to do in a day.”

homeschooling in Portugal allows Shona time for music production
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