Homeschool in New Zealand

Siblings Jamal and Lilah homeschool in New Zealand with Wolsey Hall Oxford. Lilah enrolled three years ago, whilst her younger brother Jamal followed in her footsteps in 2023.

Lilah enjoys the bespoke experience this way of learning gives her, while Jamal is able to commit more time to his love of golf.

Both students shared their honest experiences of settling into homeschooling and what works for them.

Homeschooling in New Zealand

Wolsey Hall Oxford has seen a rise in the number of students who homeschool in New Zealand.

Adjusting to homeschooling

Lilah adjusted to learning at home very quickly. She says, “Switching to homeschooling with Wolsey Hall went better than I expected. I switched to home learning so I could get an education tailored to my own learning needs.”

“Studying online through Canvas and the textbooks are convenient. The courses and pace match my learning needs and give me sufficient time to complete assignments. My Student Progress Manager helps keep me on track. The feedback from my Tutors is always helpful.”

Two years after Lilah began learning with Wolsey Hall Oxford, Jamal enrolled. “When I first transitioned to home learning, it took time for me to adapt to my new routine. I missed my friends and activities like school sports and camps.” However, a year on, Jamal says, “I am enjoying the experience… My parents and Wolsey Hall helped me adjust quickly. I stayed in touch with friends online, which made the change easier. Homeschooling gives me more time to play golf.”

Lilah homeschools in New Zealand
Jamal homeschools in New Zealand

A typical homeschool day in New Zealand

Lilah finds that homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford means she can organise her studies in a way which suits her.

“On a typical day, I start homeschooling at 9am after breakfast. English is first since it is one of my favourites. After English, I take a short break before Maths. Maths is more challenging for me, so I work through textbook exercises to help me understand new concepts. I spend 60-90 minutes working on Maths assignments.”

“Around noon is lunchtime. Next I do Science and Geography. I will finish studying my core subjects by 3pm.”

Lilah explains, “Starting my day with my favourite subjects helps keep me motivated. I spend more time on tougher subjects like Maths. Short breaks help me recharge, and having reading activities for the evening is the perfect way to end my day!”

Jamal’s day follows a similar routine, but factors in time for golf. “By 9am, I am at my desk ready to begin studying. I follow a weekly schedule that my parents and I plan together on the weekends. It outlines my study schedule, golf lessons, and other activities which helps me stay organised.”

“I usually study English and Maths in the morning. After lunch I go to golf practice. Then in the afternoons I study Science or Geography. My study day usually ends at around 3:30-4pm depending on the activities on my timetable. English and Science are my favourite subjects, but I am beginning to like Maths more too.”

Other activities

Jamal is a keen junior golfer. “The best thing about homeschooling is having time to study effectively and practice golf. As a junior golfer, I need to practice every week. My schedule balances studying and golf, so I can improve at both. I get to practice golf more than at a traditional school, which is helping me get better…The flexibility to balance my academic studies and sports is very helpful”

Meanwhile one of the things Lilah loves about homeschooling is being able to structure her schoolwork around her hobbies like art.

“As an aspiring artist, I always dedicate time each day to drawing. Homeschooling lets me do that in the afternoons and evenings after finishing my assignments. I make sure to set aside dedicated time each week for art practice and classes.

Alongside other hobbies, Lilah and Jamal’s family also takes short walks and trips around New Zealand, and joining Wolsey Hall community groups and competitions.

Lilah and Jamal homeschool in New Zealand

Advice to other homeschoolers

Jamal says “Create a quiet, focused study space. Make time for sports, hobbies, and family too. You can use Wolsey Hall’s support to help with modules and assignments.”

Lilah adds, “Homeschooling is a unique experience for each person. The advice I would give to other Wolsey Hall homeschool students is that it takes time to adjust to learning at home. Work with your parents and Wolsey Hall staff to build a schedule that fits your needs.”

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