Diver – Olivia Reeve

Olivia’s story – overcoming hurdles

Elite diver Olivia Reeve homeschooled with Wolsey Hall while she combined her training and competing with her IGCSE studies.

After many years of competing at a high level in diving, in 2015 Olivia was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and had to stop competing in her sport. She battled back from illness and returned to diving in 2018. Since then she has regained all of her previously held titles, been placed 4th in the East Region and has competed in the finals of several diving events. During this time Olivia was also studying for her IGCSEs and appreciated the flexibility and tailored approach of homeschooling:

“Balancing training and school can be difficult when you are in a sport. Wolsey hall can be a beneficial tool for an athlete’s training schedule because you can work around your practice sessions. You can always take your work with you and revise in your own time.”

Young elite tennis player

We support a large number of homeschooling elite athletes across a wide variety of sports.

Diver Olivia Reeve

Tutor support

“My advice to other students is to ask lots of questions. The Tutors are always extremely helpful and they have a wealth of knowledge so there is never any need to stay stuck if you’re finding something difficult. Also, use the assignment feedback to help you improve.

Feedback allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can make sure you have grasped that module. It’s not easy and can get frustrating so be patient, but more often than not you are doing better than you think.”

Coach and judge

Olivia is also now a qualified diving coach and judge. “I have had the privilege of working with some of the best coaches in the world and have gained valuable knowledge.

It was a pleasure to coach a group of young divers from my own club at a national event last year. It reassures the divers to know that I understand exactly what they are going through when they compete because I have been in their shoes many times before.”

Diver Olivia Reeve

Looking to the future

Olivia found studying History and its different eras fascinating while Biology proved interesting learning about the body and how it works, relating it to being an athlete.

“I aim to continue competing at an elite level nationally and internationally, and to hopefully inspire a new generation of young divers by gaining as much experience as a diving coach and judge as I can.”

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