Deaflympics swimmer – Henry

Henry’s story

Henry is profoundly deaf and an elite athlete in swimming. He has represented Australia at the Deaflympics. He manages to balance his sports training and sporting events with his home studies.

Henry is currently studying nine IGCSE subjects with Wolsey Hall, from his home in Australia. After doing very well at Secondary Level, he has chosen his preferred subjects and goes from strength to strength.

Elite rugby player

We support a large number of homeschooling elite athletes across a wide range of sports.

Elite swimmer Henry


Henry did exceptionally well at the Deaflympics in 2017, which took place in Turkey. There were 3,145 athletes participating in 219 events, in 18 different sport categories. There were participants from 97 different countries. Representing Australia, Henry was not only the youngest swimmer (he is now aged 15) but he broke every personal best in his events.

“Henry stayed at the Olympic village for two weeks and forged new friendships with other athletes from nearly every country in the world,” says his mum Shanti. “My eyes were brimming with tears when he walked out with his national team during the Opening Ceremony, in front of the Olympic flag.”

VIP guest

“The pool where he trains (Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre) celebrated its 10th anniversary and Henry was a VIP guest alongside the Olympian legend Ian Thorpe, Lord Mayor of Sydney and another Olympian swimmer Geoff Huegill. It was an incredible ceremony.

They were very inclusive with Henry, and Thorpe talked to him about how he was the first Olympian to come out from this pool which is now named after him.”

Homeschooling swimmer Henry met Ian Thorpe

Torch and baton bearer

Henry was nominated to be a torchbearer at the Deaflympics in 2018 and was also selected to be the Batonbearer for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay.

We congratulate Henry on his hard work and fantastic achievements. He serves as an inspiration to all of our students and families, of what can be achieved at the same time as homeschooling.

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