Career and University Advisor

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson oversees the Career and University Advisary Service at Wolsey Hall Oxford.

She is an experienced IEC (Independent Educational Consultant) and has worked in UK and international education for over 25 years. Sarah graduated from the University of St. Andrews and has completed postgraduate qualifications in person-centred counselling, and career development and guidance. She is also a graduate of the IECA Summer Training Institute and has undertaken classes in college counselling for international students at UCLA.

Career and University advisor Sarah Wilson

Sarah is a qualified CTI Co-Active coach and uses techniques from this powerful methodology in her work with students, especially as they are exploring what future path might be right for them before beginning the application process. Her background as an English specialist is particularly valuable in her work with students on their personal statements and application essays, and also in honing their ability to communicate effectively in interviews.

Sarah has considerable experience working with homeschooling students or those whose educational background may have, for various reasons, taken an alternative route. Most universities are very open to admitting students with less traditional academic profiles and she can guide families in making sure that all their experiences are presented fully and effectively.

Through Wolsey Hall University Advice Service, Sarah helps students construct a well-matched list of institutions to apply to and aims to make the application process as stress-free as possible. She has supported hundreds of students on their successful journey to higher education, including those applying to elite universities in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Sarah is a member of numerous professional advising organisations and each year travels widely to visit universities, develop her professional network and attend conferences.