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Adult learning and becoming a student after 18 may seem a little daunting, especially if you’ve been out of a school environment for a long time, but there are plenty of reasons to consider earning new IGCSE or A level qualifications.

At Wolsey Hall we have adults enrol onto our courses for all kinds of reasons. We’ve seen students aged in their 20’s to their 70’s gaining A*’s! We’ve seen them experience all kinds of benefits when they successfully complete their courses.


Why continue your education?

Some reasons you might want to consider adult learning to earn a qualification after school age include:

You need IGCSEs at a specific grade to gain entrance to a higher level qualification – for teaching or nursing, for example

You’re thinking of a job change or have been offered promotion within your present organisation. In both instances additional IGCSEs or A levels could make the change easier or more likely.

Self-improvement. More people are committed to lifelong learning than ever before – they’re keen to keep up with the developing world around them. Perhaps you want to learn about a new culture or language, or gain a greater understanding of science, technology, business, literature…the possibilities are practically endless.

Benefits of adult learning via home study

There are also some specific benefits to earning qualifications through home study:

Flexibility: With home study or distance learning, you can learn wherever and whenever you want, and you can fit your study in around other commitments – especially important for many mature students who may have jobs, families, or other important responsibilities.

Home study helps improve time management and organisational skills: Home study can be more demanding than sitting in a traditional classroom – you have to be highly self-motivated. But you’ll be a more effective person when you’ve completed the course. Successful completion of a home study course shows a real commitment to self-improvement, which is bound to be recognised as a valuable quality by your existing or future employer.

So in our experience, home study is an excellent way for adult learners to pursue their dreams whilst also enhancing valuable life skills and increasing general employability.

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27th Jan 2015

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2nd Mar 2018

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Hello. My wife (who has a phd) wants to do an online course in Latin at GCSE level. Is your course suitable.

Hi, I want to join in the IGCSE english and maths as an adult learner. But I don’t know where the form is.
Could you help me.
Thank you

I would like to ernoll as an adult learner, I don’t know which form to fill.
Could you help me?
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