Why Wolsey Hall works

A travelling family’s experience of homeschooling

In this article, Karen Binedell, mum to ‘Our Travelling Family’, talks about why Wolsey Hall works for them.

A little update for those of you who have been following our travels this past year. Our family is currently at our 17th volunteer project in Évora, Portugal where we have sole responsibility for a farm, four horses and an energetic farm dog called, Jake. After almost three full months of lockdown things are finally starting to ease up and return to a state that somewhat resembles ‘normal’ and there is talk of possibly heading to our next project in France come August.

This month I would like to chat a little about why, in our opinion, Wolsey Hall Oxford works as an online college.

Our Travelling Family, the Binedells

Sebastian, Aiden and Ella homeschooled with Wolsey Hall Oxford for 18 months while they travelled around Europe in a caravan volunteering.

Why Wolsey Hall works for Ella

No online classes to attend
As a travelling family this was a huge advantage for us as it gave us the freedom to work studies around our timetable. As we moved from project to project, country to country our routines were constantly changing and due to the flexibility provided by Wolsey Hall it didn’t affect our children’s studies.

Support from start to finish
From the moment of enrolment our children received dedicated support in all areas of their studies. Individual Tutors for each subject and a Student Progress Manager who regularly checks in to see how they are doing, keeps track of their progress and gently reminds them to stick to their timetable should they find themselves falling behind at any time.

An online platform
Wolsey Hall’s online platform, Canvas, is the first port of call for students and parents alike. It is here that children are able to access their courses, upload assignments, receive grades and feedback and contact their tutors. Parents have their own accounts and are able to view their children’s courses and monitor their progress.

For me, this is an area where Wolsey Hall shines. The feedback that our children have received across the board from their various tutors is absolutely invaluable. It is detailed, it shows that time and effort has gone into the marking process and it is always aimed at helping them improve further. It shows passion, dedication and caring on the part of the tutors and makes all the difference when it comes to our children’s progress.

Why Wolsey Hall works for Aiden
Why Wolsey Hall works for the Binedell family

Textbooks that cover the curriculum
Included in your course fee is a complete set of textbooks which covers the curriculum in detail.

Clubs and groups
Wolsey Hall offers a number of different clubs and groups that help create a sense of community. They are always looking to add to this and will regularly consult parents and children alike with new ideas. They recently launched their online library which we thought was a wonderful addition.

Through their Facebook groups there are also opportunities to meet up with other Wolsey Hall students in your area and I believe there are a number of students with Wolsey Hall pen pals all over the world.

Building confidence and encouraging creativity
This is another area where Wolsey Hall goes that extra mile. Rather than solely focusing on academics they regularly suggest projects outside of the curriculum that encourage creativity.

Their social media pages are full of posts celebrating their students successes be it academic, sporting or any other hobby or interest.

Lastly, in my opinion, Wolsey Hall Oxford is made up of a group of people who are constantly working together, constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve all the while being dedicated to achieving the best outcome for each of their students- and it really shows.