Virtual art exhibition June 2023

Wolsey Hall Oxford is proud to present its third virtual art exhibition.

Primary and Secondary students were invited to submit artwork under the theme “Superheroes”. Once again, we were impressed with their ideas and creative talents! We hope you enjoy viewing their entries.

Evan, 13, Namibia

Raquel, 13, South Africa

Aya, 12, Indonesia – Princess Diana

Hui Yee, 14, Malaysia

Adhrit, 5, India – My Superhero Dad

Alexander, 8, UK

Audrey, 9, UK – clay sculptures

Austin, 9, India – Lungi Batman

Bilal, Year 4, UAE

Charlotte, 10, Zimbabwe

Kaia, 12, UAE

Luca, Year 5 – Super Glitch

Theo, Year 1 – Dr X

Zunairah, 9, Saudi Arabia – Ms Marvel

Schalk, 9, Finland

Schalk, 9, Finland

Schalk, 9, Finland

Ranjini, 8, UK

Rajvir, 8, UK

Minaya, 12, UAE – Laika, The First Ever Space Dog

Ronnie, 4, UK, created a collage of his local RNLI

Luna, 13, Ecuador

Amrit, 13, Kenya – a 1920s villain

Justin, 12, Indonesia – this hero is Spotify whose power is soundwaves from his hands. are strong enough to break through walls that are as thick as the Great Wall of China.

Justin, 12, Indonesia – police and fire fighters are heroes everday

Ali, 8, UAE

Freya, 15, UK

Zita, 17 Kenya