Shona Miller

HND, PGCE, ATC Computing, QTS

I have been lucky in my career to have gained experience in both the pastoral and academic fields. I was a Mathematics teacher, Head of Computing and ICT in Scotland and a Mathematics teacher and Head of House in Dubai. This afforded me the experience of working with a huge variety of nationalities, cultures and learning styles. I returned to Scotland from Dubai five years ago; alongside supporting Wolsey Hall students, I’m also working part-time to support Mathematics in terms of Covid recovery and Numeracy. There is a need for support and understanding of student needs which I am proud to be a part of helping to address.

I have led curricular areas, but teaching is where my heart is. There is nothing more gratifying for me when I have helped someone learn and/or understand a topic. I always strive to make learning Mathematics more interesting and relevant. Mathematics sometimes needs to be put into a context that is relevant and personal to individuals. I do love that wow moment when a lightbulb goes off.

I am a visual and practical learner which means that I tend to be in tune with a student’s needs. I also listen and am more than happy to answer questions several times. I’ll find a way that works for the student. No question is too big or too small. Remember that sometimes we just need a simple key thing to make sense of what we’re doing. Always ask!!!

Teaching is my vocation. I am compassionate, flexible and student-centred. I am very much looking forward to helping you do the very best that you possibly can.

On a personal note, I am committed to my family and a new pup. The pup, Sorcha, takes a lot of my time in terms of training, exercise and bringing joy to people. (Myself included). She is a naughty little muppet, I mean Westie, who keeps us all on our toes and is a lot of fun to be around. Where would we be without our pets?

Subjects: Maths