Sally Everitt


I love maths! I find it fascinating that such a wide variety of physical situations can be modelled using a small number of often very similar-looking equations – anything from the sounds made by a musical instrument to predicting the weather.

Maths didn’t always come easily, but things suddenly started clicking into place during my GCSE years. With the encouragement of some excellent teachers, I was very successful at A Level, went on to study Maths at university and gained a First Class degree.

On completing my degree, I went on to train to teach maths, gaining a PGCE, and then taught for five years, some of that time as a second in department. I love teaching – having been lucky to have had excellent teachers at a critical time, I understand how vital these relationships are in fostering a love of a subject.

I then returned to university to study for my PhD as a mature student. The desire to learn new things is not something that has ever left me. I also taught (part-time!) at the university while studying.

Since then, I have become very heavily involved in examining A Level maths and further maths and have tutored privately while bringing up my children. Tutoring privately is great as it allows me to build strong working relationships, creating an environment in which students feel sufficiently comfortable and confident to ask the questions they need to and let me know when there is something they don’t understand.

When I am not working, you will find me in my garden, out walking or playing my clarinet.

I am very much looking forward to working with you and supporting you in your learning.

Subjects: Maths