Michelle Morgan

BSc, MA, PGDipEd

I joined the police service in the UK at 18 and, whilst serving, took a part-time degree in Psychology and Sociology with the Open University gaining a BSc with First class honours.

After 14 years, I retrained as a teacher and in 1997 began a full-time teaching career having studied Education and qualified as a university lecturer. I lectured in both Psychology and Sociology for a few years before specialising in Psychology, which I love as it is such a varied subject  and so relevant to everyday life.

During that time, I gained a Masters degree in Psychology and Criminology, specialising in forensic work. As a teacher, I have worked in further education, higher education, distance education and in the sixth form. And throughout I have been employed as a senior examiner with a number of leading examination boards.

On the personal front, I love learning in all forms and I am an avid reader. I have an especial fondness for black cats – our latest addition is called Teddy Boo who is adorable – he is a French cat though, and his English is a little lacking! I am English but live in Normandy, France and I am a keen Francophile, though I do miss 24-hour shopping at times.

My interests are varied and I have studied Archaeology for fun and I am currently trying to improve my rather poor French. I can understand a good deal of the language and have a huge vocabulary but I am lazy when it comes to learning verbs and so lack confidence in speaking the language, so yet more lessons for me.

When I am not learning, I do lots of different crafts but mostly focus on embroidery, cross stitch and knitting and make things to sell or give as gifts.

Subjects: Psychology