Michelle Feeney


History has always been my passion. It represents the truth; and a historian’s quest is to find that truth amongst the reams of interpretation and documentation. Winston Churchill once said, ‘the further backward you can look, the further forward you are likely to see’. And I want to help young people recognise the impact that History has on our lives. It’s a discipline which engages and inspires.

My love of History took me to University College, London where I achieved a 2:1 and I began my teaching training right after that. Initially it was daunting, but teaching is a life-changing experience. After starting in a comprehensive school in North London, I moved to a Pupil Referral Unit in East London, working with vulnerable students. This brought home the value of teaching and of making sure that my students knew how history affected the future. As a result of this experience, I returned to UCL for a Masters Degree in History. Although my specialism is sixteenth century, my love of History extends well into the twentieth century.

I have hugely enjoyed visiting Berlin and reflecting on its rich history of triumph and turmoil. In 2010, I went to teach History and Politics in Dubai. I was excited to be teaching in the Middle East and to be able to discover the fascinating history of this diverse Emirate and its neighbours.

I am also a teacher of Politics, having also held the post of Head of Politics in some of the schools I have worked at. Politics has always gripped me, having lived in different governing systems from the UK, to UAE and Australia, I have been able to experience how global politics impacts at many different levels. It is a pleasure to be able to Tutor both History and Politics at Wolsey Hall.

I’m back in London now and once again falling in love with the rich architecture and history of this extraordinary city. I love visiting museums, catching up with friends and enjoying the wonderful views along the River Thames. I continue to teach here; and I also work as an examiner for IGCSE History and A level History and Politics. This has enabled me to understand important keys to exam success, and to pass these along to my students.

History is an academic subject and it can be challenging; but I’m always on hand to help with any questions. I can be your first and last point of call for that tricky question on the League of Nations, but I’m happy to chat with you also about other historical matters. As long as I get to talk about History, I am content!

Subjects: History, Politics